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Major Features and Improvements#

  • Added option to show predefined datasets with the ability to import them to Memgraph.
  • Added option to show sample query for every loaded predefined dataset.
  • Added import of custom Cypher file datasets (cypherl format).
  • Added export of current database state to Cypher file (cypherl format).
  • Added default node label in graph view if name property is missing.
  • Added default relationship type label in graph view for smaller graphs.

Bug Fixes and Other Changes#

  • Fixed sidebar links in the browser Lab.
  • Fixed columns in favorite queries view.
  • Fixed showing large amounts of properties in a popup when viewing node details in the graph view.
  • Fixed the label in the popup when switching between edges and nodes in the graph view.
  • Fixed node count in the dashboard view.
  • Added descriptive and better error messages when connecting to Memgraph with encryption on/off.
  • Fixed the close button in a node popup in the graph view.
  • Fixed the spacing of the close button and relationship type in a relationship popup in the graph view.
  • Fixed storing physics and styles across multiple query runs.
  • Fixed initial positioning in graph view when running query in the data view.
  • Fixed graph view reset when a query on data view had no results to show.
  • Fixed map disappearing when running query multiple times in a row.
  • Fixed running multiple Lab instances of the application on Windows and Linux.
  • Fixed node size and spacing in graph view when showing smaller graphs.
  • Fixed transition state issues between graph view and data view.


What's New#

  • Added ability to create custom graph styling for nodes and edges in graph view with graph style language (similar to CSS).
  • Added ability to save and load custom graph styling.
  • Added ability to show map background for nodes with lat and lng numeric properties.
  • Added ability to change map background style.
  • Removed edge labels to be shown by default in graph view.
  • Fixed overall UI and UX.
  • Set encrypted connection to be turned off by default on login screen (Memgraph v1.2.0 comes with SSL off by default).

Bug Fixes#

  • Added ability to hide graph view if there are no node/edge data in response.


Major Features and Improvements#

  • Enable explain and profile view.
  • Memgraph v0.15.0 keywords support.

Bug Fixes and Other Changes#

  • Fix bug with a new line in parsing multi-command queries.
  • On empty data for graph redirect to data view.


Major Features and Improvements#

  • Added unsecure connection option.
  • Improved UX of login screen.
  • Added basic tutorial that shows on the initial run.
  • Added text search of history and favorite queries.
  • Added storage statistics on overview screen.
  • Added debug view with query explain and profile capabilities.
  • Added graph schema (metagraph) generator.
  • Improved query data (table) view.


Bug Fixes and Other Changes#

  • Fixed app icon on MacOS.
  • Improved error handling on the initial connect screen. Handle availability and secure connection errors.


Major Features and Improvements#

  • Added overview view.
  • Added query view (Monaco editor).
  • Added graph, data and table data views.
  • Added JSON export.
  • Added electron builder packages for MacOS and Debian.