Data visualization

Data visualization in Memgraph Lab

Memgraph Lab is a lightweight and intuitive visual user interface that enables you to:

  • visualize graph data using the Orb library (opens in a new tab)
  • write and execute Cypher queries
  • import and export data
  • manage stream connections
  • view and optimize query performance
  • develop query modules in Python

It was designed to help you with every stage of your learning process and graph development.

Quick start

If you would like to query a running Memgraph database instance using Memgraph Lab, be sure to:

Install Memgraph Platform or Memgraph Lab

We recommend you install Memgraph Platform and get the complete streaming graph application platform that includes Memgraph database, command-line tool mgconsole, visual user interface Memgraph Lab running at http://localhost:3000 and MAGE - graph algorithms and modules library.

You can install Memgraph Lab as a desktop application on Windows, macOS or Linux, and if you have a public Memgraph database instance, the web application is available at (opens in a new tab).


If you encounter a security warning while installing Memgraph Lab on Windows, you may see a message similar to the ones shown in the images below.

  1. Click More info.

  2. Verify that Memgraph is listed as the Publisher.

  1. Click Run anyway to proceed with the installation of Memgraph Lab.

Connect to Memgraph

Connect Memgraph Lab to Memgraph and query the data using Cypher queries, enhanced with advanced algorithms from the MAGE graph algorithms library.

Check out Graph Style Script

To give your graphs a bit more pizzazz, dive into the Graph Style Script language and learn how to customize the visual appearance of your graphs to make them truly remarkable.