Deploy Memgraph using methods that suit your environment, whether it's containerized with Docker or a native Linux installation.

Docker deployment

Deploy Memgraph in a Docker environment. Learn how to install and run Memgraph using Docker images (memgraph/memgraph-mage or memgraph/memgraph). Configure Memgraph through the memgraph.conf file or Docker command flags, secure the database with user credentials and SSL, and ensure data persistence with Docker volumes. Backup and restore data efficiently, set up a replication cluster for high availability, and manage logs for troubleshooting and performance monitoring.

Native Linux deployment

Install Memgraph directly on a Linux system. Follow steps to download and install Memgraph, connect using mgconsole or client libraries, and configure settings via the memgraph.conf file. Secure your database with user management and SSL encryption. Ensure data persistence by managing data directories, and perform backups and restores. Set up a replication cluster for improved data availability and monitor logs for system insights.