Auth module errors

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  1. "Couldn't authenticate user '' because the role '' doesn't exist."
  2. "Couldn't authenticate user '' because the password is not correct."
  3. "Operation not permitted when using an authentication module."
  4. "Using auth module, no role '' found."
  5. Couldn't authenticate user '' because the user doesn't exist. For more details, visit:
  6. Couldn't authenticate user ''. For more details, visit:
  7. "No user nor role '' found."

Couldn't authenticate user

A user authentication can fail for many reasons. The user could be missing, the wrong password might be entered, the role defined by the auth module might be missing.

Operation not permitted when using auth module

Queries that modify a user's authentication data are forbidden while using an auth module. Users are handled by the module and local users are disabled.

If you weren't able to find the error, please submit it through a Support Ticket so we can look into it and get back to you.