Enabling Memgraph Enterprise

Enabling Memgraph Enterprise

The following Memgraph features are only available in Enterprise Edition:

They are present in the same binary but protected by a license key.

If you're interested in the Memgraph Enterprise Trial, you need to fill out the following form (opens in a new tab) where one of the fields is the organization name.

Whether you bought Memgraph Enterprise or requested a trial, you will recieve a file with the values you need to set the organization.name and the enterprise.license confgiuration values to.

If you want to enable the Enterprise Edition on startup, set the configuration flags to the correct values.

If you are already running Memgraph Community Edition, these configuration flags can also be adjusted during runtime, or you can run the following queries to set the values:

SET DATABASE SETTING 'organization.name' TO 'Organization';
SET DATABASE SETTING 'enterprise.license' TO 'License';

To check the set values run:

SHOW DATABASE SETTING 'organization.name';
SHOW DATABASE SETTING 'enterprise.license';



Upgrading or downgrading the license

Memgraph licenses are issued based on the maximum unique data stored. So, if you get a 1TB license, you can store 1TB of data. When you reach that capacity you will no longer be able to run write queries, only read and delete queries. That means it is possible to analyze the existing data but new data can no longer be added until you upgrade or free storage by deleting some of the data.

Upon upgrading the license by entering a new license key the write queries will be enabled.

To check the used storage, run SHOW STORAGE INFO;.

License key expiry

Once the license key expires, the enterprise features will be disabled, but the data stored in the database will remain intact. You will still be able to add more data, but any enterprise features that require specific actions will no longer function. For example, you will not be able to create any new databases.