Exploring datasets

Exploring datasets with graph analytics

The tutorials that focus on exploring datasets want to showcase how to use Memgraph on that particular dataset using Cypher queries. We encourage all Memgraph users to go through at least one of the tutorials to get familiar with Memgraph.

You can explore the datasets in two ways. If you just want to take a better look at the data and the data model, and try out a few queries, open Memgraph Playground (opens in a new tab) and continue with the tutorials there. Note that you will not be able to execute write operations.

On the other hand, if you would like to add changes to the dataset, download the Memgraph Platform (opens in a new tab). Once you have it up and running, open Memgraph Lab web application within the browser on localhost:3000 (opens in a new tab) and navigate to the Datasets in the sidebar. From there, choose the dataset that seems interesting to you and continue with the tutorial.

You can also run an instance in Memgraph Cloud. Once you sign up (opens in a new tab), create a new project. From the project you can connect to Memgraph Lab web application and navigate to the Datasets in the sidebar to choose the preferred dataset.

So far we have covered the following topics with basic tutorials: