SSL errors

If you are having trouble dealing with an error, please let us know on the Discord.


  1. An unknown error occurred while processing an SSL message. Please make sure that you have SSL properly configured on the server and the client. For more details, visit:


  1. Using non-secure Bolt connection (without SSL). For more details, visit:

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Secure connections are supported and disabled by default. The server initially ships with a self-signed testing certificate located at /etc/memgraph/ssl/. You can use it by changing the configuration and passing its path within the following parameters:


If you are using your own certificate be sure to enter the correct path to the certificate.

To disable SSL support and use insecure connections to the database erase or make comments out of both parameters (--bolt-cert-file and --bolt-key-file) by adding a hashtag in front of them.

If you weren't able to find the error, please submit it through a Support Ticket so we can look into it and get back to you.