Module errors

If you are having trouble dealing with an error, please let us know on the Discord.


  1. Unable to load module ; . For more details, visit
  2. Failed to close module ; . For more details, visit
  3. Unable to overwrite an already loaded module . For more details, visit
  4. Module directory doesn't exist. For more details, visit


  1. Unknown query module file . For more details, visit:

Errors when loading or closing modules

When Memgraph is loading/closing modules, an error can occur if:

  1. The file could not be found: check if the file has been deleted.
  2. The file is not readable: make the file readable for the user memgraph.
  3. The file had the wrong format: check if the file has the expected format.
  4. The file caused errors during loading.

Unable to overwrite an already loaded module

Module names need to be distinct. Try to rename your module and load it again with CALL mg.load_all();.

Module directory doesn't exist

Make sure that Memgraph is searching for the modules in the right directory. The Memgraph configuration is available in /etc/memgraph/memgraph.conf and you can specify the directory with the --query-modules-directory flag. The default directory is /usr/lib/memgraph/query-modules. If the configuration file is altered, Memgraph needs to be restarted. To learn about all the configuration options, check out the reference guide.

Unknown query module file

Query modules can be implemented using the Python or C API provided by Memgraph. Modules written in languages other than Python need to be compiled to a shared library so that they can be loaded when Memgraph starts. This means that you can write the procedures in any programming language which can work with C and can be compiled to the ELF shared library format.

If you weren't able to find the error, please submit it through a Support Ticket so we can look into it and get back to you.