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Help Center

Are you stuck? Don't worry, here at Memgraph we are all eager to help - we'll not leave you stranded!

❓ Try to find an answer in our FAQ page - maybe we already provided an answer to your inquiry.

🙋 Post a question on StackOverflow (opens in a new tab) with the tag memgraphdb.

You can also ask your question on our Discord server (opens in a new tab). There is always someone from Memgraph or graph community there to help!

🎫 Open a GitHub issue (opens in a new tab) in the corresponding repository to:

  • report a bug or a technical issue
  • submit a feature request or an improvement suggestion
  • request information not present in the documentation
  • ask any other kind of technical question.

📱Book a call (opens in a new tab) and learn more about Memgraph capabilities to integrate it into your current stack as fast as possible.


If you want to be a part of Memgraph's fast-growing community, join us on our path by following us, participating in discussions, and asking questions. We are available at the following platforms: