Getting started

Getting started with Memgraph

Get Memgraph up and running on your data by following these installation steps.

Download and install Memgraph

If you're new to Memgraph or you're in a developing stage, we recommend using the Memgraph Platform. Besides the database, it also includes all the tools you might need to analyze your data, such as command-line interface mgconsole, web interface Memgraph Lab and a complete set of algorithms within a MAGE library.

Ensure Docker (opens in a new tab) is running in the background. Depending on your operating system, execute the appropriate command in the console:

For Linux and macOS:

curl | sh

For Windows:

iwr | iex

Once you're ready to go to production you can choose to use the memgraph-mage Docker image that includes the database and the graph library, or run the database only, using the memgraph image.

Other installation options are also available.

Connect to the database

You can connect to the Memgraph instance using the command-line interface mgconsole by running the following command in a new terminal:

docker exec -it memgraph mgconsole

When the mgconsole starts, you can query the database:

C:\Users\Vlasta>docker exec -it memgraph mgconsole
mgconsole 1.3
Connected to 'memgraph://'
Type :help for shell usage
Quit the shell by typing Ctrl-D(eof) or :quit

Alternatively, you can connect to Memgraph using the Memgraph Lab web application available within the memgraph-platform Docker image by visiting localhost:3000.

Install a client library

To start using Memgraph in your application, use one of the following client libraries and follow their getting started guide.

Import data

You can migrate your data from an existing graph or SQL database using CSV or JSON files, and import data using queries within a CYPHERL file.

Next steps

You can query Memgraph using Cypher query language, use algorithms available in Memgraph's MAGE library on your graph, and explore visualizations and query your data using Memgraph Lab.

Memgraph's office hours

Schedule a 30 min session with one of our engineers to discuss how Memgraph fits with your architecture. Our engineers are highly experienced in helping companies of all sizes to integrate and get the most out of Memgraph in their projects. Talk to us about data modeling, optimizing queries, defining infrastructure requirements or migrating from your existing graph database. No nonsense or sales pitch, just tech.