Replication errors

If you are having trouble dealing with an error, please let us know on the Discord.


  1. Failed to connect to replica at the endpoint . For more details, visit:
  2. Couldn't replicate data to . For more details, visit:
  3. Write query forbidden on the replica!
  4. Query forbidden on the replica!
  5. Replication clause not allowed in multicommand transactions.
  6. Replication Exception: At least one SYNC replica has not confirmed committing last transaction. Check the status of the replicas using 'SHOW REPLICAS' query.


  1. Snapshots are disabled for replicas. For more details, visit:
  2. Multi-tenant replication is currently not supported!

Troubleshooting replication errors

  1. Make sure that the Memgraph instances serving as replicas are up and running.
  2. Check the firewall on your machine because it could be blocking the traffic requested by Memgraph.
  3. Verify that there are no network problems.

Query disabled on replica

Not all queries are supported on the replica. Any query that changes data or system setup is prohibited on the replica. MAIN is the only source of truth.

Query not allowed on multicommand transaction

System queries cannot be executed inside a multicommand/explicit transaction.

At least one of the SYNC replicas has not confirmed committing

This is a spurious error. While it is true that a SYNC replica has failed to commit, it does not mean MAIN has not committed. NOTE: Future releases will move this error under a notification instead.

Snapshots are disabled for replicas

Because of consistency constraints, snapshots are disabled on replicas. If you need a snapshot of the database, then create one on the main instance.

Multi-tenant replication is not supported

Memgraph supports multi-tenancy. However, multi-tenant replication is, at the moment, experimental. See Experimental replication for more info.

If you weren't able to find the error, please submit it through a Support Ticket so we can look into it and get back to you.