Memgraph Documentation

Welcome to Memgraph Documentation.
Memgraph is an open-source graph database built for streaming and compatible with Neo4j.
Learn how to utilize Memgraph to migrate and analyze your data.

Client libraries

To start using Memgraph in your application, use one of the following client libraries and follow their getting started guide.

Migrate to Memgraph

You can migrate your data from an existing graph or SQL database using CSV or JSON files, and import data using queries within a CYPHERL file.

Query and analyze data

You can query Memgraph using Cypher query language, use algorithms available in Memgraph's MAGE library on your graph, and explore visualizations and query your data using Memgraph Lab.

Configure Memgraph to your needs

Whether you are running Memgraph on-prem or in production, here are the fundamental concepts of how the database operates and the tools you need to configure it to your needs.

Important changes

New releases might affect your existing code, queries or configuration. Ensure alignment with the latest updates and changes.