Export data

Export data

Memgraph allows you to export all the data from the database, or results from an executed query.

Export database

Export database to the following file formats:

You can also export data to Elasticsearch and enable continuous data synchronization using the elasticsearch_synchronization query module available in MAGE - graph algorithms and modules library.

Export query results

Query results can be exported to a CSV, TSV and JSON file using Memgraph Lab.

To export query results from Memgraph Lab:

  1. Run a query or select results you want to export.
  2. Click Export results and choose CSV.
  3. Save the file locally.

The Copy all command will copy the results into clipboard in one the available formats (CSV, TSV and JSON).

Results can also be exported to a CSV file using the export_util.csv_query() procedure from MAGE - graph algorithms and modules library.