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Memgraph Lab - Frequently asked questions

What is Memgraph Lab?

Memgraph Lab is a lightweight and intuitive visual user interface that enables you to:

  • write and execute Cypher queries and algorithms
  • visualize graph data using the Orb library
  • import and export data
  • generate data schema
  • view and optimize query performance
  • develop custom procedures in Python
  • manage stream connections.

Can I only use Memgraph Lab?

No, Memgraph Lab can connect only to a running Memgraph instance.

Can I customize the visual appearance of my graph results?

Yes, you can customize the visual appearance of your graph results by using the Graph Style Script language. You can add images to nodes, change their shape, size and color. Change the line appearance of relationships and their thickness. For a complete list of available features, consult the GSS reference guide.