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Graph Technology in Cybersecurity
Prevent cyber attacks by efficiently storing interconnected data and identify the sources, patterns and chains of malicious attacks.
Graph Algorithms for Beginners
With practical use cases, Graph Algorithms for Beginners is an invaluable resource for those looking to understand and apply graph algorithms effectively.
Boosting Cybersecurity Defenses with Graph Technology
Memgraph and Company X utilized graph technology to enhance fraud detection for a leading insurance provider, resulting in a 135% increase in detection efficiency and substantial savings.
Accelerating Drug Discovery With a BIKG
Learn how AstraZeneca ingests data sources in the Biological Insights Knowledge Graph (BIKG) and distributes it to data scientists and domain experts.
Learn the concepts of graph modeling in 10 days
Graph databases are the fastest-growing database technology in the world. After ten days of this course, you will be able to model graphs.
Track Data Lineage With a Graph Database
This webinar introduces data lineage use cases and shows how data is represented in a graph database and how we use graph database features for fast and efficient data processing.
Learn the Cypher query language in 10 days
Cypher query language provides an intuitive way to work with property graphs, and is a must-learn if you're looking to venture into the world of graphs.
Credit Card Fraud Detection
Eliminate chargeback fees and unrecoverable fraud in real-time. Enhance your fraud system by mining relationships between entities.
Real-Time Graph Analytics
Graph analytics can provide insights into complex networks that would otherwise require resource-intensive computations. Learn which tools you can utilize to get the most out of your streaming data.
Knowledge graph
Integrate disparate data sources into unified knowledge graphs to extract new knowledge and enhance collaboration among peers.
Recommendation engine
Predict customer behavior and make accurate product recommendations.
Getting started with Memgraph and Python
Learn how to create a graph model, run Memgraph and connect to it with Memgraph's Python client - GQLAlchemy.
Fraud Detection in Insurance
Confidently expose fraudulent claims and swiftly process legitimate ones.
Identity and Access Management
Memgraph is a graph database that enables developers to build IAM systems that can track complex permissions and check access rules in milliseconds at scale.
Intro to Graph Analytics in Python
This course is designed for Python developers who want to explore tools for network analysis and see how it's done hands-on.
Energy Management Systems
Manage your energy network systems and provide a stable and reliable service.
Network Resource Optimization
Answer questions about your network with graph analytics and make impactful decisions.
Data Lineage
Ensure the reliability of your data and prevent its misuse.
Saporo case study
Discover how the Saporo and Memgraph collaboration delivers a powerful cybersecurity solution that helps businesses identify and mitigate potential attack paths.
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