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Getting started with Cypher

Cypher is the most widely adopted, fully-specified, and open query language for property graph databases. It provides an intuitive way to work with property graphs.

Quick start​

If you are new to the Cypher query language, take a look at what you can do with a few simple commands. You will use our sandbox that we have already filled with sample data. There is no need for you to install anything at this point. Simply open Game of Thrones Deaths dataset on Memgraph playground. You will find some predefine queries there that will help you to get a glimpse of what you can accomplish with Cypher.


Playground supports only read operations. If you'd like to modify the dataset, you will need to install and run Memgraph on your computer.

What are graph databases?​

Is this your first encounter with graph databases? If so, get familiar with graph database terminology before you dip dive into them.

Cypher query language​

Now that you know what graph databases are let's see how you can use Cypher query language to get the job done.

Working with Memgraph​

Memgraph has everything you need to start working with your data and streams.

Import data​

You can easily Import data or add new data to Memgraph.

Connecting nodes​

Memgraph is all about connections. Learn how to connect nodes with relationships.

Reading existing data​

When you have nodes and relationships, you will surely want to read the existing data and learn how you traverse relationships.

Updating nodes and relationships​

Things change over time. The same is true for your data. Learn how to update nodes and relationships with already existing data. You can even create some new data along the way.

Deleting nodes and relationships​

Sometimes you will no longer need parts of the data. You can easily deled nodes and relationships. You can even delete all of your data, but be careful with this if you don't have a backup!


Maybe clauses are the reason why you are here. We have created a list of all Cypher clauses that Memgraph supports.


Sometimes clauses are now enough to get the data you are looking for. Don't worry, Memgraph has a lot o built-in functions that will help you to get the right data.