MAGE, also known as Memgraph Advanced Graph Extensions, is an open-source repository that contains all available query modules written by the team behind Memgraph and its users. You can find and contribute implementations of various algorithms in multiple programming languages, all runnable inside Memgraph. This project aims to give everyone the tools they need to tackle the most interesting and challenging graph analytics problems.

How it Works

Get Started with MAGE in 5 minutes

1. Download the latest version of Memgraph

Make sure to have the memgraph:latest Docker Image. Download Memgraph here.

2. Build the MAGE tagged Docker image

docker build . -t memgraph:mage

Read the installation guidelines

3. Start everything with a single command  

docker run -p 7687:7687 memgraph:mage

4. Enjoy your new graph superpowers!

You can now run any of the available query modules, and contribute your own.
Read the documentation.