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Version: 2.8.0

Enterprise features

Memgraph Enterprise Edition has features that are available only to those that have active license key. These features are related to logging features, user management and security.

Enabling Memgraph Enterprise

Some of Memgraph's features are only available in Enterprise Edition. They are present in the same binary but protected by a license key.

Audit log

Memgraph supports all query audit logging. When enabled, the audit log contains records of all queries executed on the database. Each executed query is one entry (one line) in the audit log. The audit log itself is a CSV file.

Auth module

Memgraph supports authentication and (optional) authorization using a custom built external auth module. The two supported operation modes are:

  • authentication only (username/password verification)
  • authentication and authorization (username/password verification and user to role mapping)

Exposing system metrics

HTTP endpoint allows you to fetch system metrics using a GET request. The response contains information about bolt messages, sessions, transactions, streams, triggers, indexes, snapshots, query latency, and many more.

LDAP Security

For the purpose of supporting LDAP authentication and (optional) authorization, we have built an auth module that is packaged with Memgraph Enterprise.


Read more about security features that are incorporated into Memgraph Enterprise, including how to create and manage users, user roles, and privileges. This includes assigning passwords and choosing password encryption algorithms, creating user roles and assigning them privileges, and limiting user access to nodes and relationships based on their labels and types with label-based access control.