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Version: 2.8.0

Import data

What data do you want to import?


If you can choose the format of the data you want to import, the fastest way to import data into Memgraph is from a CSV file using the LOAD CSV clause.

CSV files

To import data from CSV files into Memgraph, use the LOAD CSV clause, which is used as a standard Cypher clause, and can be invoked straight from a running Memgraph instance.

JSON files

You can import a JSON file into Memgraph by using the json_util query module, which has procedures for loading JSON file from a local file and from a remote address.

You can also use the import_util.json procedure to import data from a local JSON file, but the file needs to in a specific format defined by the procedure.


If your data is in the form of Cypher queries (CREATE and MERGE clauses) within a CYPHERL file it can be imported via Memgraph Lab or mgconsole.

Data from a stream

Memgraph comes with full streaming support, and you can connect directly to a Kafka, Redpanda or Pulsar stream using Cypher queries or Memgraph Lab.

MySQL or PostgreSQL table data

You can migrate data from a MySQL or PostgreSQL database using the mgmigrate tool.

Data from an application or a program

Memgraph offers a wide range of clients that can be used to connect directly to the platform and import data.

Parquet, ORC or IPC/Feather/Arrow file

If you are a Python user you can import Parquet, ORC or IPC/Feather/Arrow file into Memgraph using GQLAlchemy.

NetworkX, PyG or DGL graph

If you are a Python user you can import NetworkX, PyG or DGL graph into Memgraph using GQLAlchemy.

Where to next?

You can also connect to streams and import data from CYPHERL files to an instance running in Memgraph Cloud.

Memgraph uses two mechanisms to ensure the durability of stored data and make disaster recovery possible: write-ahead logging (WAL) and periodic snapshot creation.

To learn more about the Cypher language, check out our Cypher manual or Memgraph Playground for interactive guides.

For real-world examples of how to use Memgraph, we strongly suggest going through one of the available tutorials.