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Graph Style Script @ViewStyle directive properties

@ViewStyle directive is used for defining style properties of a general graph view: link distance, view, physics, repel force, etc. You can read more about each property in the following sections.


Here is the list of all properties that can be defined in the @ViewStyle directive, along with their expected types.

collision-radius: number

Sets the margin radius for each node from its centre. If node size is 10 and collision-radius is set to 20, it means there will be 10 spaces left around each node. No other node can be in that space.

The default collision-radius is 15.


  • collision-radius: 15 sets the margin radius for each node from its centre to 15.

repel-force: number

Sets the strength of repel force between all nodes. If positive, it adds a force that moves nodes away from each other, if negative, it moves nodes towards each other.

The default repel-force is -100.


  • repel-force: -100 sets the repel force between all nodes to -100.

Sets the minimum required distance between two connected nodes from their centres.

The default link-distance is 30. If node sizes are 20 and link distance is 30, nodes might overlap because the minimum distance from one node centre to another is 20 + 20 = 40.


  • link-distance: 30 sets the minimum required distance to 30.

physics-enabled: boolean

Enables or disables physics which is a real-time simulation for graph node positions. When physics is enabled, the graph is not static anymore.


  • physics-enabled: True enables the physics.
  • physics-enabled: Greater(NodeCount(graph), 100) enables the physics for graphs with more than 100 nodes.

view: string: "default" | "map"

Sets the current graph view that can be either "default" or "map". The "default" view is a graph visualization on a blank background. The "map" view is a graph visualization with a map as a background where each node needs to provide latitude and longitude to be positioned on the map.

The default view is "default".


  • view: "default" sets the view to the default view.
  • view: "map" sets the view to the map view that will be shown only if at least one node has required geo information: latitude and longitude.