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How to install MAGE?


To install MAGE through Docker or Docker Hub, you will only need Docker.
To install MAGE from source, you will need:ย Python3, Make, CMake, Clang, UUID, and Rust.

Build of MAGE image from Github repository#

From github you can download specific version, or you can download what is currently on main branch.

0. Download the MAGE source code from GitHub

git clone && cd mage

1. Build the MAGE tagged Docker image with the following command:

docker build -t memgraph-mage .

2. Start Memgraph with the following command and enjoy MAGE:

docker run --rm -p 7687:7687 --name mage memgraph-mage

If you made any new changes while MAGE Docker container is running, you need to stop it and rebuild whole image.