Serialization error

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  1. Unable to commit due to serialization error.

Unable to commit due to serialization error

Serialization errors usually occur when there are concurrent data imports and transactions try to work on the same data points at the same time. This situation can occur in both testing and production environments. It's important your code anticipates and handles these errors. A common scenario that triggers a serialization error is when two nodes in a graph are being updated by two different transactions attempting to add edges between them at the same moment. If both transactions try to add an edge at the same time, it can lead to a serialization error. While some client drivers may handle serialization errors by retrying transactions, developers should not solely rely on this mechanism. Always include comprehensive error handling in your application to address cases where the error persists beyond the retry logic. For more detailed guidance on client-specific implementations, please refer to the respective client/driver documentation.

To address these problems, consider the following strategies:

  • Retry the transaction: Some clients, e.g. Go client, have built-in logic to automatically retry transactions that fail due to serialization errors. There's typically a timeout associated with these retries, after which the client will forward the error to the application code. It is important for developers to be aware of this and implement additional error handling as needed.
  • Avoid conflicts: Implement application-level logic to prevent concurrent transactions from modifying the same data points. This strategy can significantly reduce the likelihood of encountering serialization errors.

Handling serialization errors effectively is essential for maintaining a smooth user experience and ensuring the reliability of your application. Implementing robust error handling and conflict avoidance mechanisms can mitigate the impact of these errors.

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