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Working with Memgraph

What is Memgraph

Memgraph is the platform for graph computation on streaming data. It's an end-to-end platform designed to solve complex graph problems in real-time and accelerate graph application development.

You can install and run Memgraph using Docker on Windows and macOS, or natively on Linux and WSL. If you use Docker, Memgraph Platform is the recommended Docker image. The Memgraph Platform Docker image contains everything you need to start as quickly as possible: MemgraphDB, Memgraph Lab, mgconsole and MAGE.

How to run a query

Memgraph uses Cypher query language to work with data. If you like command line tools you can use mgconsole to execute Cypher queries. If you are a fan of graphical interfaces, you can use Memgraph Lab. On top of the execution of queries, with Memgraph Lab, you can import, explore and visualize your data.