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Graph algorithms

The real power of graph databases comes from graph algorithms. In Memgraph, several algorithms are part of the query engine. This means that you can use them directly in your Cypher queries. You can use them within MATCH clause to obtain data from the database.

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The built-in algorithms are:

  • Filtering Variable Length Paths - you can filter the data through lambda functions
  • Breadth First Search - you can use it for searching the shortest path between nodes
  • Weighted Shortest Path - you can use it for searching the weighted shortest path between nodes

Take a look at Graph algorithms in our reference manual for code examples.

If Memgraph's built-in algorithms are not enough for you, don't worry, we've got you covered. We have developed MAGE - a graph library that extends Memgraph with additional algorithms and utility modules. Be sure to check it out!