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Patterns in expressions

Patterns in expressions are not yet supported in Memgraph. For example, Memgraph doesn't support size((n)-->()). Most of the time, the same functionalities can be expressed differently in Memgraph using OPTIONAL expansions, function calls, etc.

What is a Cypher alternative for patterns in expressions?

For example, the following query is not valid in Memgraph:

MATCH (n:NodeA)
WHERE NOT (n)-[]->(:NodeB)

After executing it, you would receive an error:

Not yet implemented: atom expression '(n)-[]->(:NodeB)'

The same query can be expressed using the OPTIONAL MATCH clause.
The clause OPTIONAL MATCH behaves the same as a regular MATCH, but when it fails to find the pattern, missing parts of the pattern will be filled with null values.

The example query would look like this:

OPTIONAL MATCH (n:NodeA)-[]->(m:NodeB)
WHERE m IS null