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Memgraph Documentation & User Guides

Explore our guides, samples and references to analyze your data with Memgraph

docker run -it -p 7687:7687 -p 7444:7444 -p 3000:3000 memgraph/memgraph-platform
Run a real-time graph streaming platform
Download and install Memgraph locally and start exploring your data.
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Try out Memgraph Cloud
Explore your data in the cloud through our fully-managed service.
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MAGE - graph library
Run graph algorithms on real-time data - stream processing with the power of graph analytics.
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Import your data
Import data into Memgraph using streaming data sources, CSV files, or Cypher commands.
Gather all your data in one place  
GQLAlchemy - Python library
Instead of writing Cypher queries, write object-oriented Python code, which the Object Graph Mapper will automatically translate into Cypher queries.
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Cypher Manual
Start learning the Cypher query language and analyze your data.
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The Memgraph Ecosystem

Memgraph is a modern graph analytics platform engineered from the ground up to deliver real-time performance for both transactional and analytical graph workloads at scale.
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Master Graph Algorithms in Minutes

In Memgraph Playground you can explore data sets, run example queries, check out the integrated graph visualizations - and get a jump start on your data driven project.

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