Model your graphs easier and run algorithms faster.

Be free of tedious imports and data management, and finally focus on analyzing the data and discovering valuable insights.Write NetworkX code with Python, deploy it directly in a graph database and make results instantly available to your peers.

Speed up development and focus on data analysis

Forget about repetitive, time-wasting loading which slows down the development process so you can focus on running the algorithms and visualizing the results. Let Memgraph handle importing, and updating your graph.

Scale your algorithms to large datasets and get results faster

Eliminate performance bottlenecks in NetworkX by using Memgraph's native implementations of graph algorithms in C++.

Take advantage of a highly connected, flexible data model that scales along with your business

Never write an overly complex SQL join or query again - making better decisions is easier when you can visualize your problem through an intuitive property graph data model and easily update it any time.

Memgraph allows you to stay agile and confidently add new data to enrich your arsenal without waste or losing important context in the noise.

Maintain predictably high
performance at scale

Leverage Memgraph’s in-memory first storage to accommodate high volumes of streaming data and deliver lightning-fast results for both transactional and analytical workloads. ACID compliant and fully persistent on-disk so you don’t have to worry about losing your data.

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All-in-one environment
developed for plug-and-play
into your current infrastructure

Immerse yourself in your data through Memgraph’s ecosystem. Connect to your database instance with a wide range of drivers or WebSocket. There is no need to compromise on your favorite programming language.

Applications, not Analytics

Free Course

Learn Python for Graph Analytics!

Learn about the most common graph use cases, the basic concepts of NetworkX and how to make use of graphs with Python to analyse data and gain insights.

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Get advanced analytical insights in real time, real easy

Ingest data from streams with built-in connectors

Connect to Kafka, Pulsar or Redpanda streams with built-in stream connectors to ingest data and analyze it with a powerful in-memory graph database engine.

Run lightning-fast dynamic graph algorithms

Write simple Cypher queries, use graph algorithms from Memgraph’s open-source MAGE library or develop your own modules in C++ or Python.

Visualize & analyze data to make smarter decisions faster

Traverse data points to discover new patterns and insights and visualize the graph in the visual user interface Memgraph Lab

Blog post

Data persistency, large scale data analytics and visualizations - explore NetworkX and Memgraph

When NetworkX can no longer handle the analysis and vizualisation requirements of your project, and you are tired of constantly reloading data, find out how you can utilize Memgraph to get your graph data analysis back on track.

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Applications, not Analytics

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