Prevent cyber attacks by analyzing compromising patterns.

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Use Case Knowledge Graph Memgraph
Knowledge Graph

Build knowledge graphs that scale with your data.

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Use Case Recommendation Engine Memgraph
Recommendation Engine

Predict customer behavior and make accurate product recommendations.

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Use Case Insurance Frau Detection Memgraph
Fraud Detection in Insurance

Confidently expose fraudulent claims and swiftly process legitimate ones.

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Use Case Identity and Access Management Memgraph
Identity and Access Management

Build and scale modern IAM systems.

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Use Case Energy Management Memgraph
Energy Management Systems

Manage your energy network systems and provide a stable and reliable service.

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Network Resource Optimization

Answer questions about your network with graph analytics and make impactful decisions.

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Use Case Data Lineage Memgraph
Data Lineage

Ensure the reliability of your data and prevent its misuse.

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Applications, not Analytics

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