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Discover how Memgraph integrates into your environment, offering 360-degree data and network exploration, fraud and network risk detection, as well as logistics and network optimization solutions.

Fraud and Network Risk Detection

Risk is multi-faceted, so stop looking at activities and entities in isolation.

Memgraph naturally captures relationships to understand the intricate connections between entities and employs graph algorithms to make sense of your data’s topology, find critical nodes and detect anomalies.

Criminals think in networks.

Representing systems as graphs enables you to better analyze their activity and assess vulnerabilities to prevent fraud, security breaches and cyberattacks. Using Memgraph you can watch over streaming data and use dynamic algorithms to identify significant motifs as well as catch suspicious behavior as it happens.
Fraud Risk Detection
See how Memgraph enhances fraud detection, cutting false positives for a top US insurer.
Cybersecurity Risk Detection
Explore the Saporo-Memgraph partnership for advanced cybersecurity solutions to identify and mitigate attack paths.
Criminal Risk Detection
Learn how Sayari uses Memgraph to help investigators, regulators, and financial institutions identify and expose hidden risks quickly.

360 Data & Network Exploration

Get a 360 Degree View of Data. Risk is multi-faceted, so stop looking at activities and entities in isolation.

You don’t have to rely on incomplete information to run your business, struggle to find the data you need, and risk missing opportunities. Get a 360 degree view of data—whether you are looking at customers, bills of materials, or identity and access management systems.

Search and Investigate Dependencies.

Memgraph brings together data and its relationships allowing you to  easily search across silos and investigate dependencies. Graph algorithms enable you to identify hidden communities and provide insights into important patterns. With Memgraph’s high performance exploration you can reduce unseen risks, increase efficiencies and make fully informed decisions.
Identity & Access Management
Memgraph enables developers to create IAM systems that track complex permissions and verify access in milliseconds at scale.
Master Data Management & Data Lineage
Ensure data reliability and prevent misuse with detailed lineage tracking, monitoring, and risk management for compliance and audits.
Bill of Materials
Use Memgraph for Bill of Materials management to handle complex data structures and multiple relationships, enhancing collaboration and compliance in manufacturing.

Logistics & Network Optimization

Optimize your business for increasingly intricate dependencies and prevent bottlenecks.

By modeling networks such as supply chains and IT systems as a graph you immediately gain insights into structures that indicate risks like bottlenecks as well as unseen opportunities.

Optimize routes to reduce the risk of delays and disruptions.

Memgraph’s deep traversal algorithms quickly uncover optimal routes and readily handle even the most complex queries exceeding 10 degrees of separation (hops). With Memgraph, you’ll identify ways to optimize services from logistics to IT infrastructure with highly flexible logic and customization for a breadth of use cases.
IT/ Telco Network Resource Optimization
Map device and service relationships in real time to enable quicker response to dynamic network conditions and demand fluctuations.
Energy Delivery
Model grip infrastructure as graphs which improves fault detection, balances load in real time, and streamlines response to outages.
Supply Chain Logistics
Improve supply chain agility by visualizing and analyzing multi-tier supplier networks, optimizing routes, and managing inventory levels dynamically through graph-based insights.
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