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Use the full potential of Memgraph with our suite of tools and integrations, designed to enhance your graph database's performance and versatility. From advanced algorithm libraries to intuitive data visualization interfaces, discover how Memgraph can transform your data analysis and application development workflows.

Ready-to-use graph algorithms

Memgraph Advanced Graph Extensions, MAGE, goes beyond Memgraph's built-in traversal capabilities, offering a comprehensive library of graph algorithms for sophisticated data analysis. Explore and analyze your data with a mix of traditional, dynamic, and machine learning-driven algorithms, all optimized for performance. MAGE enables GPU optimization via NVIDIA, includes the NetworkX graph algorithms, and supports a prompt-ready schema that allows writing natural language queries with LLM, making your database interactions more intuitive and effective.

Visualize and explore your data

Memgraph Lab offers a powerful visual interface for the exploration and management of graph data. Tailored for developers and data scientists, this tool simplifies the execution of Cypher queries, the visualization of query results, and database management. Boost your productivity and uncover hidden insights within your data through advanced visualization techniques. Lab also introduces GraphChat, a natural language query feature powered by LLM integration, further simplifying your data analysis process.

Query data using Python instead of Cypher

For developers seeking a more natural Python approach to graph database interaction, GQLAlchemy is the answer. This Object Graph Mapper (OGM) library abstracts the complexity of Cypher, allowing you to model, query, and update your graph database using the Python object-oriented paradigms. Whether you're performing queries, inserting data, or updating your database, GQLAlchemy streamlines the process, bridging the gap between your application and Memgraph's powerful graph processing capabilities.

Seamlessly connect and extend

Memgraph seamlessly integrates with a wide range of graph algorithm libraries and search providers, enriching your applications with powerful analytical capabilities. Additionally, our connectors use real-time data ingestion from the most widely adopted streaming sources, ensuring your graph database remains up-to-date and reflective of the current state of your data landscape.
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Memgraph Lab excels in handling on-the-fly queries and solving problems efficiently. Credit goes to the development team for actively incorporating user feedback, leading to meaningful enhancements. One notable upgrade is the 'copy all' feature, which has streamlined data analysis significantly.”
Victor Dozal, Senior Manager - IS Microchip Technology, Inc
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