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Memgraph exists to change the way the world solves problems through the power of graphs

A lot of today’s hard problems are modeled as graphs and can be solved using graph algorithms. We’re working towards our mission by providing a performant and scalable way of storing and managing graph data that are familiar, easy to use, and has the right set of tools and algorithms that help every developer, from beginners to experts, to model and solve those graph problems with ease.

Our Teams

Our team is our pride. We value our people and place them at the core of everything we do. We strive to hire the most curious, ambitious and smartest people around. At Memgraph, we make sure you’re surrounded by the best and our team's achievements prove that.

Cloud Team

Cloud engineering is at the forefront of our beloved web application and data visualization tool. From backend to frontend, Cloud team is responsible for developing the cloud application that manages the Memgraph cluster infrastructure on AWS all the way up to the UI.

Core Team

Core engineering is the backbone of our company responsible for building the core database engine behind Memgraph. It includes C++, data structures and algorithms with a strong focus on graphs, networking, query optimization, and execution.

Solutions Team

The Solutions team is key to improving our company’s product by working on customer’s problems and designing end-to-end solutions. It includes Python, data analysis, data structures, algorithms, and software design/architecture.

DevRel Team

Graphs are all about relationships and so is our DevRel team. Developer Advocates are software engineers, but being one involves a lot more than writing code, it’s about building relationships and tools that empower and help developers use Memgraph more productively. 





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Open positions


Working at Memgraph comes with some awesome perks which we are always working on improving!

Work-life balance

Remote work. Due to the coronavirus situation, work remotely from home with the occasional usage of the office as needed. 

Flexible working hours & time off. With flexible working policies, you’re not only in charge of where but also when you are going to work and when you unwind.

Home office set-up

Equipment for your home office. We provide all the necessary office equipment you need to start working from home, including laptop, monitor, desk, chair, headset, keyboard, mouse, etc.

Home office budget so you can have the best custom setup and make yourself comfortable.

Monthly work from home allowance, to pitch in for work-from-home costs, including monthly expenses like the Internet.


Flexible sick-leave policy, one that allows you to take an extra day or two off now and then without the need for a doctor's note.

Health insurance & 100% paid sick leave. Preventive care can do a lot to help you stay healthy, but if you do fall ill, take time off from work without losing pay.

Gym membership allowance, to promote your physical and mental health.

And more

Fun events. We enjoy get-togethers and we also make them happen in the remote world. Thursdays are for pub quizzes and board games, and we’re always fishing for new ideas. 

Employee referral incentives, for those invested in the company's future and growth.

Dedicated time for research and learning. Perfect time to validate ideas, focus on work priorities or a side project.

Stock options. Equity stake that gives you a piece of a company's growth and success.

Our hiring process

We know applying to jobs can be stressful and we want to ease the stress by giving clear expectations upfront about what to expect from our process.

When you apply and are selected for an interview at Memgraph, it kicks off a five-part process conducted via Google Meet.

Lasting from 30 to 45 minutes, this interview will give us a chance to get to know each other. We would love to hear about your background, experience and interest in Memgraph and are happy to answer any and all questions you have about Memgraph. 

If the interview goes well, you will be given a take-home problem that is directly linked to your role and represents a real problem we're tackling at Memgraph. This exercise should take no more than 6-8 hours of actual coding time, but we generally allow a week to complete this stage.

The technical interview takes 90 to 120 minutes. Every position requires specific expertise so we ask role and tech-specific questions to see how you apply your knowledge. We let candidates know beforehand which topics will be covered in the technical interview.

In culture fit interviews, we often look for things that cannot be trained - enthusiasm and a solid work ethic, and instead of testing for specific knowledge, we focus on the fundamentals - attitude, motivation, personality, diligence.

This is the last step in the interview process and the point at which we discuss salary and start date. After an offer call, we will send you your letter with all the information you need about your employment terms, perks and benefits, and other general aspects of Memgraph.

*Our process may vary for non-engineering positions. We aim to structure our interviews around the skills we’re looking for from each candidate and give them the opportunity to demonstrate those skills.

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