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100% Remote

Simply put, everyone is remote.
And it works.


We predominantly work and hire in Europe.


By M12 Microsoft’s Venture Fund and HeavyBit

If you love solving intricate problems You’ll love it here

There’s just one issue with this job. You will spend 30 minutes explaining graph computation to your family. Because our wonderful bunch of people is building an end-to-end platform designed to solve complex graph problems in real-time. Enabling developers to connect all of their streaming data sources, apply graph algorithms, gain insights from that data and then build apps on top of them.

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Our people are at the core
of Memgraph

We strive to hire the most curious, ambitious and smartest.
We want to make sure you’re surrounded by the best and our team's achievements prove that.

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We empower employees to do their best work from wherever they are


Over where, when, and the hours you work

Health and wellbeing

Benefits, and hassle-free administration

Home-office and learning

Funds to equip you with the right tools

Team benefits

To get to know all the amazing people around you, in person and virtually

Applications, not Analytics

See our employee benefits

We believe that working at a remote company shouldn’t feel all that different from a company with an office. Our benefits package is crafted to support employees work-life harmony.

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The interview process is remote
and it works really well

We use Google Meet for video calls, and we got used to having video calls from kitchens, living rooms, or home offices. We tend to follow the same process for both engineering and non-engineering roles.

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Don't wait around for an opening to show your interest and get in touch with us. We're always looking for awesome people to join Memgraph. You can contact us on [email protected] or send your resume to [email protected] and we'll have a look!

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Core team assemble in Zagreb! 💪🍍
When these guys get together, you know something good is brewing. Watch this space!

#memgraph #database #developers #developerlife #programmers #programmerslife
@bigdata_ldn has started! 

Come and meet our team at stand 230 to learn about Memgraph and get some awesome swag! 

You can even win a cool prize 

#bigdata #bigdataldn #data #ai #datascience #dataengineering #dataarchitecture #london #conference #event #database #memgraph #developers
Congratulations to all participants who successfully participated in #b2run 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️⛈
Memgraph Team Before & After
After the short summer break, we held another Graph Data Zagreb. 

This time we had two conversations. In the first part, we listened to an excellent presentation on Data Lineage With a Graph Database by Manta, given by David Bucek and Jan Žák. The lecturers introduced us to data lineage and showed us the unique features of the Manta product.

In the second part, students who had their summer internships at Memgraph showcased the projects they worked on.

#memgraph #datascience #data #graphdatabase #graphdatazagreb #meetups #datalineage
Two years ago we organized our first fully remote summer internship program. It was a huge success so naturally, we continued the next summer with the second edition putting our MAGE (Memgraph Advanced Graph Extension) projects in focus.

Today marks the start date of this year’s internship. Six amazing students from the Faculty of Science (PMF) and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) are coming together motivated and eager to gain real-work experience. 🎓

#interns #summerinternship
Graph Data Zagreb 5.

We held an exciting Meetup on Drug Discovery from Astra Zeneca.

Our special guest Michaël Ughetto gave an interesting lecture on how AstraZeneca ingests data sources in the Biological Insights Knowledge Graph (BIKG) and distributes it to data scientists and domain experts.

#datascience #data #memgraph #graphdatabase #graphdatazagreb
Is there a better way to prepare for a weekend than with a sunny BBQ? 🍻

Recently we welcomed many new team members, so it was time to hang around in person. We stepped out of the office and spent a day in the woods with tasty food, refreshing beverages, and fun games.

#bbqparty #teambuilding #party #fun #teamwork
A beautiful day for a boat ride around the island of Lošinj. ⛵️☀️🐠

#teambuilding #retreat #companytrip #companytravel
Our 🥑 @katarinasupe and @despych are presenting at Netherlands Apache Pulsar Meetup. 

#apachepulsar #meetup #graphdatabase #memgraph
Physical health is an integral part of mental health. It is important to take short breaks and incorporate quick workouts every hour or so.

We had a fun and productive weekend! Dominik's (our CEO & co-founder) passion is graphs, databases but also film production. In an intensive weekend video production masterclass, Dominik shared some of his extensive knowledge with Memgraph's team. We filmed, edited, and, of course, we had a lot of fun making our videos and learning new skills.
The first #graphdatazagreb is behind us. Graph enthusiasts had the opportunity to listen Memgraph CEO @domtomicevic presenting about Graph Technology Landscape 2022.
Graph Data Zagreb Meetup will be held at @wespa_spaces every first Wednesday of the month.
Thank you all for coming. See you in a month, when we will have a second Graph Data Zagreb Meetup!