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Write pure Python code to interact with graphs

Use Memgraph's GQLAlchemy library - a query builder and object-graph mapper, to connect to the database and write Python code instead of Cypher queries.

Manage data with Python

Map graph entities to Python objects and validate your data with GQLAlchemy, similar like SQLAlchemy does with relational databases. Query the database with the query builder, access and utilize traditional, streaming and machine-learning graph algorithms using only Python.

Develop custom Python procedures

If you have a unique use case, you can extend the Cypher query language with custom procedures in Python which you can edit and run directly from Memgraph's visual interface Memgraph Lab.Utilize familiar network analysis libraries, such as igraph and NetworkX, to analyze your data.

Be a part of the open-source Python community

Perfect your coding skills by implementing graph algorithms or working on Memgraph's Python client and benefit from improvements made by other developers. Become a supernode of the Memgraph's Python community.
Free course
Memgraph and Python
Through this course, you will learn how to create a graph model from a dataset, run Memgraph with Docker, connect to it from a Jupyter Notebook with the help of Memgraph's Python client - GQLAlchemy, and perform simple queries.
Why use Memgraph?
Performance for real-time needs
Memgraph excels in real-time, concurrent, write-heavy data with its C++ in-memory architecture. Check out the benchmark results and validate them for yourself!
High Availability
Access high availability via Memgraph's open source commitment in the Community Edition. You don’t need an Enterprise license for seamless graph database.
Full flexibility
Memgraph is Cypher-ready, offers various database connectors, and enables custom procedures in languages like Python and C/C++. Launch instances on-prem or on Cloud

Embark on the Fraud Detection Journey by Importing Data Into Memgraph With Python

Are you reluctant to switch from a relational database to a graph databases to explore fraud because you believe you first need to be proficient in Cypher to correctly import the data? Be rest assured - there is a Python-friendly approach available within Memgraph!
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