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If you like Neo4j, then you'll love Memgraph

Memgraph is made for developers who appreciate the value of property graphs and now yearn for out-of-the-box performance, greater flexibility, and cost-effective ownership.

Everything that you like about Neo4j

Property graph model. Got it.

Cypher. Got it.

BOLT Protocol. Got it.

...And more.

“Our experience directly working with Memgraph engineers played a big part in our decision to choose Memgraph. Memgraph's team was reactive, listened, and wanted to understand the use case before actually jumping in and fixing it. The work was done in a matter of two weeks, which was phenomenal - we hadn't seen anything like this before and were pleasantly surprised.”
Guillaume Eyries, Co-Founder & CPO, Saporo

Faster, Right Out-of-the-Box

As a modern database, Memgraph operates in-memory at C++ speed with minimal latency and out-of-the-box performance. You don't need expert tuning to gain interactive responsiveness at even billions of nodes. Memgraph delivers 10+ Hop queries without breaking a sweat!

Memgraph can traverse the graph completely using Cypher queries with built-in deep traversal algorithms. You can use advanced capabilities such as accumulators and path filtering without additional application logic.

Dynamic Environments and Incrementality

Memgraph ingests highly concurrent data streams and allows you to perform graph transformations as data comes in. You'll be able to act on the freshest data and eliminate discrepancies.

Aligned to today's needs, Memgraph provides dynamic graph algorithms that adapt to real-time data changes, providing continuous, always up-to-date analytics. With Memgraph you can continually capture changes and perform incremental updates at scale.

Flexible Enough for Any Use Case

To support a wide range of use cases, Memgraph provides a choice of operational modes from on-disk transactional to in-memory transactional and analytics. With Memgraph's unique in-memory analytics mode you get rapid, parallel data ingestion optimized for intensive computational workloads.

Memgraph enables direct integration of custom logic within queries using familiar programming languages, a feature that offers more flexibility than alternatives.

Fully Functional Community Edition

Memgraph's Community Edition is more than just a trial version - it's equipped with essential features necessary for deploying production-grade applications, including replication and basic backups. You can easily visualize graphs, execute ad hoc queries, and optimize their performance using Memgraph Lab.

Memgraph also provides multiple libraries including graph and machine learning algorithms via MAGE as well as popular integrations like Elasticsearch, NVIDIA cuGraph, and NetworkX - all without restrictions.

Community Edition the way it should be. No limits on graph size. No limits on CPUs. No limits on algorithm performance. No limit on models.

It's a No-Brainer: A Cost Effective, Drop-in Replacement with More to Love

Memgraph's Enterprise Edition offers predictable pricing that aligns with your business growth. Costs align to memory usage and you're only charged for unique data - have as many replicas as you need with no additional charge. In addition, there's no charge for compute, so you can use as many cores as you need to supercharge your performance.

Leveraging the Cypher query language, Bolt protocol and APOC, Memgraph ensures a familiar environment that's simple to test and compare. Switching to Memgraph is easy - you're not just adopting a powerful database; you're ensuring seamless, cost-efficient integration into existing infrastructure and getting our exceptional, warm-hearted support.

Simple, straightforward operations and pricing. No vendor lock-in. No need to learn new interfaces or languages. No charge for compute, replicas, or algorithms. No Surprises.

“I strive to deeply listen to our community members and “communicate openly and often” so we can make lasting, meaningful connections.”
Katarina Supe, Head of DX, Memgraph
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