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Graph Technology in Network Resource Optimization

Transform the way you manage and analyze complex networks in industries such as telecom, energy, chemical plants, and supply chain management. Find out why relational databases are ill-suited for network analytics. Discover a new level of efficiency and precision in network management with graph databases, which offer a natural representation of network data. Memgraph can help you answer critical questions about network performance, reduce manual errors, and optimize your resources.

With this whitepaper, you will find out that:
  • Traditional relational databases are not suitable for network resource optimization
  • Graph databases offer vertical scaling and high processing time required for network visualization and analysis
  • Graph data models effortlessly adapt and keep up with the market demands
  • Memgraph can help optimize network resources by discover critical points in the network and run what-if scenarios
  • Memgraph is an efficient tool for Identifying dependant products, finding critical points in the pipeline, and determining production orders
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