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Community Edition
Open source. For developers building production-ready real-time streaming graph applications.
availableProduction ready
availableHigh availability replication
availableConnection to streams
Enterprise Edition
Starting at $25,000 per year for 16 GB, for companies building enterprise-level graph applications requiring support SLAs.
availableAdvanced auth modules
availableRole and label based access control
availableLDAP integration
availableFull activity auditing
Hosted and fully-managed real-time streaming graph platform for teams building production-ready applications.
availableAWS storage in 6 regions
availableAutomatic updates
availableManaged backup
available1GB to 64GB RAM instances
Memgraph vs. Neo4j performance benchmark
We've compared the performance of Memgraph and Neo4j, using real-world data. You can explore the benchmark results and even upload your own workload to see how Memgraph performs.
Memgraph Cloud
Pricing Calculator
Estimate the cost of Memgraph Cloud's service by selecting your cloud region and instance size. Your actual fees will depend on the usage of Memgraph Cloud and the number of running instances.
Monthly Estimate
Shown prices are only estimates. Your actual fees will depend on the usage of Memgraph Cloud and the number of running projects. Don't worry, you will always be able to check your balance.
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