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Light & Powerful Graph Database

Tuned for dynamic analytics environments. Easy to adopt, scale and own.

Light & Powerful

Memgraph provides insights about relationships and dependencies in your data. Unlike alternatives, it uses a modern efficient architecture that operates at C++ speed with high throughput & low latency. With out-of-the-box performance, you don't need expert tuning and configuration. Even for the most complex workloads.

Tuned for Dynamic Environments

Memgraph's highly concurrent data ingest means you make decisions on always fresh, accurate, and in-sync data. On-the-fly intelligence provides a way to execute triggers, algorithms and rules the moment relevant data enters your pipeline. Using dynamic algorithms, Memgraph updates analytical results as the graph changes, recalculating only what's necessary.

Easy to Adopt, Scale and Own

Get up and running quickly with a fully functional Community Edition. Familiar interfaces, protocols and the Cypher query language simplify migrations from existing applications. Memgraph allows you to grow and take your graphs in any direction you need with out-of-box configurations for both transactional and analytical use cases. All this comes with straight-forward pricing and no surprises.
“The two main tech drivers when deciding on Memgraph were performance and algorithm support. The fact that Memgraph is written in C++ and is in-memory means that it is much faster than anything that we've seen on the market. In combination with the prebuilt algorithms, it was a no-brainer for us.”
Guillaume Eyries from Saporo
Core capabilities
Low Latency
Ensures high performance on both transactional and analytical queries even in highly concurrent environments.
Supports ACID transactions in-memory for fast access, while persisting all writes to permanent storage.
Ensures your data is always available with industry standard high-availability, automatic failover, and replication.
Enables native user authentication and role based access control with fine-grained permissions to designated areas of graph.
Unparalleled Support
Provides a direct line to our team of engineers for swift assistance and resolution of any technical issues.
“I believe in “Invent with Intent”, and as CTO of Memgraph I put that into action every day, driving innovation and fostering a culture of creativity and problem-solving within the team.“
Marko Budiselic, Co-Founder & CTO, Memgraph
Memgraph Platform
All the tools you need in a single, open-source platform.
Memgraph Cloud
The easiest way to run graph algorithms on streaming data. Hosted and fully-managed service. No admin.
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