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Open-source, in-memory graph database for on-prem or cloud use

Memgraph offers the flexibility you need, whether it's on your own infrastructure or our fully managed cloud service. No hassles, no limits, just pure performance.

Get up to speed with in-memory storage

You will get the same power and speed regardless if you use Memgraph Platform or Memgraph Cloud. Engineered from the ground-up leveraging an in-memory first storage for high volumes of streaming data. On-disk storage available when needed.

Import your streaming and historical data

Our built-in connectors seamlessly integrate with streaming sources like Apache Kafka, Pulsar, and Redpanda, as well as historical data from MySQL, CSV, and JSON.

Ease of transition from Neo4j

Transitioning to Memgraph from Neo4j is a smooth and straightforward process. Explore our comprehensive documentation and see how easy it is to make the switch to Memgraph, leveraging the full power and speed of our in-memory graph database.
Let us manage Memgraph for you
Memgraph Cloud is deployed on AWS, and it is available in 6 regions globally with ultra-low latency and dedicated server support. Start your graph project with small instances of 1 GB RAM, then scale confidently to 2GB, 4GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, or 32 GB RAM.
Core capabilities
Optimized for Low Latency
We ensure Memgraph is lightning fast and delivers high performance on both transactional and analytical queries even in highly concurrent environments.
Engineered for Resiliency
Making sure your data is both correct and safe is easy with automatic snapshot and write-ahead logging, fully supported with ACID transactions.
Sensitive Data Security
Easily manage how users and roles access data and automatically log user activity to a secure location to meet the highest level of compliance.
Make sure your data is always available with industry standard high-availability and replication.
Keeps the dataset in memory for fast access. Persists all writes to permanent storage to survive reboots and system failures.
C/C++ Implementation
Build high performant applications and write advanced custom procedures leveraging Memgraph’s native C Query Module API.
Memgraph Platform
All the tools you need in a single, open-source platform.
Memgraph Cloud
The easiest way to run graph algorithms on streaming data. Hosted and fully-managed service. No admin.
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