Connect and analyze complex data pipelines at scale and in real-time

Memgraph is an open source graph database built for teams who expect highly performant, advanced analytical insights - as compatible with your current infrastructure as Neo4j (but up to 120x faster).

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Install Memgraph with Docker

docker run -it -p 7687:7687 -p 7444:7444 -p 3000:3000 memgraph/memgraph-platform

Take advantage of a highly connected, flexible data model that scales along with your business

Never write an overly complex SQL join or query again - making better decisions is easier when you can visualize your problem through an intuitive property graph data model and easily update it any time.

Memgraph allows you to stay agile and confidently add new data to enrich your arsenal without waste or losing important context in the noise.

Maintain predictably high
performance at scale

Leverage Memgraph’s in-memory first storage to accommodate high volumes of streaming data and deliver lightning-fast results for both transactional and analytical workloads. ACID compliant and fully persistent on-disk so you don’t have to worry about losing your data.

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All-in-one environment
developed for plug-and-play
into your current infrastructure

Immerse yourself in your data through Memgraph’s ecosystem. Connect to your database instance with a wide range of drivers or WebSocket. There is no need to compromise on your favorite programming language.

For analysis of our production networks we apply complex graph analytics. Until we found Memgraph, no other service met our needs in terms of flexibility, performance and custom analytics. Now we are able to integrate complex graph analytics into our internal applications, and deploy them with ease at global scale.”

- Fortune 500 Chemical Company

Get advanced analytical insights
in real time, real easy

Ingest data from streams
with built-in connectors

Connect to Kafka, Pulsar or Redpanda streams with built-in stream connectors to ingest data and analyze it with a powerful in-memory graph database engine.

Run lighting-fast dynamic
graph algorithms

Write simple Cypher queries, run a graph algorithm from Memgraph’s open-source MAGE library or write your own modules in C++ or Python.

Visualize & analyze the data to
make better decisions

Traverse the data to find patterns and insights, regardless of the number of necessary hops and visualize the graph in Memgraph Lab.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What use cases is Memgraph best suited for?


Memgraph is best suited for use cases with complex data relationships that require real-time processing and high scalability.

How does Memgraph compare to other graph databases regarding performance?


Memgraph is designed to be a high-performance graph database, and it typically outperforms many other graph databases in terms of speed and scalability. Key factors contributing to Memgraph's performance are its in-memory architecture and a performant query engine written in C++. Memgraph also offers a variety of tools and features to help optimize query performance, including label and label-property indexes and a custom visualization library. Check our benchmark comparing Memgraph and Neo4j.

What are the benefits of being an in-memory graph database?


When data is stored on disk, the computer has to physically read it from the disk and transfer it to the RAM before it can be processed. This process is relatively slow because it involves several physical processes, such as seeking the right location on the disk and waiting for the data to be read. Writing the data is also much slower for the same reasons.Storing data in the computer's RAM eliminates the need for these physical processes, and data can be accessed and added almost instantly. Therefore, in-memory graph databases are ideal for applications requiring fast data processing, real-time analytics, and quick response times.

What is Memgraph?


Memgraph is an open-source in-memory graph database built for teams that expect highly performant, advanced analytical insights - as compatible with your current infrastructure as Neo4j (but up to 120x faster). Memgraph is powered by a query engine built in C/C++ to handle real-time use cases at an enterprise scale. Memgraph supports strongly-consistent ACID transactions and uses the standardized Cypher query language over Bolt protocol for structuring, manipulating, and exploring data.

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How long does it take to learn Webflow?


If you're new to building websites, our video tutorials will get up and running quickly. If you already know concepts behind CSS and the box model, you will feel at home in Webflow.

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