Real‑Time Operational Graph Analytics for Mission‑Critical Applications

Memgraph delivers the fastest and easiest solution for solving complex graph data problems in production environments.

Graph Analytics Simplified

Memgraph gives you predictable high-performance with always‑on availability and full Cypher compatibility.

High Performance

Ensure predictable low latency for your most demanding applications.

Mission‑Critical Reliability

Ensure that your data is always correct, safe and continuously available.

Cypher & Bolt Compatible

Get started in seconds and embrace a rich ecosystem of tools.

Fair & Transparent Pricing

Always know what you will pay for with memory-based pricing in the cloud.

Get Started with Memgraph in Seconds. No Download or Sign up Required

Start using Memgraph and running your first graph queries in seconds from the comfort of your browser. With preloaded datasets and step-by-step instructions, you have everything you need to start learning.

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Memgraph Cloud

A fully-managed, cloud-hosted graph database-as-a-service supported by the engineering team behind Memgraph.

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Memgraph Lab - The Easiest Way to Explore and Manipulate Your Memgraph Data

Visualize your data and execute ad hoc queries in seconds. View and optimize your query performance. Use on Linux, Mac, or Windows. Memgraph Lab empowers you to make smarter decisions about your graph application development.

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