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Knowledge Graphs for GenAI

Memgraph allows you to integrate disparate data sources into a unified knowledge graph that captures domain specific information ensuring Generative AI (GenAI) applications are grounded in real-world context.
Memgraph Community Edition is not crippleware. We weren’t sucked into a world of sales calls and my engineering team could properly try it out and kick the tires on it to make sure it met our requirements.”
William Hurley, Director of Infrastructure, Sayari
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Memgraph Office Hours
Schedule a 30 min session with one of our engineers to discuss how Memgraph fits with your architecture.
Our engineers are highly experienced in helping companies of all sizes to integrate and get the most out of Memgraph in their projects. Talk to us about data modeling, optimizing queries, defining infrastructure requirements or migrating from your existing graph database. No nonsense or sales pitch, just tech.
“I try to embody our philosophy around our core value of building relationships, not edges”.
Dominik Tomicevic, Co-Founder & CEO, Memgraph
Getting started
Migrate your data
Transition your data from either graph or SQL databases. Memgraph supports migration using CSV and JSON formats, catering to both tabular and web-based application data. Additionally, data can be imported as a series of Cypher queries gathered in a CYPHERL file.
Migrate your data
Manage and explore your data
Use command-line interface or visual user interface Memgraph Lab to dive deep into your graph database. Besides querying the database with Cypher, harness advanced algorithms for refined data insights. Visually represent your data with Lab to make complex structures easily digestible.
Explore your data
Elevate your application by integrating Memgraph. Choose from a diverse array of client libraries tailored for various programming environments, such as C#, C/C++, Go, Haskell, Java, JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby, or Rust. Each library offers a comprehensive getting started guide, ensuring a smooth setup.
Connect to your data
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