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Fast. Scalable. Persistent.

Memgraph is 8x faster than Neo4j, which means lower bills, faster queries, and higher throughput.
Scales to billions of nodes and edges, and delivers real-time performance
Memgraph is a high performant graph database that is compatible with Neo4j while eliminating Neo4j complexity. Query Memgraph using Cypher and connect your system using any Neo4j compatible drivers and tools.
Built for speed
8x faster then Neo4j in read-heavy, and 50x faster in write-heavy workloads.
Neo4j Compatible
Drop-in replacement for Neo4j graph database with full Cypher and Bolt compatibility.
Advanced algorithms
Batteries included: Advanced graph algorithms included as standard.
Maximize throughput
Build from the ground up in C++ to use the latest advances in hardware capabilities.
ACID Compliant
On disk persistence, atomicity, consistency, isolation, and persistent durability.
Open-source and a no-nonsense enterprise license with no hidden costs.
Memgraph Office Hours
Schedule a 30 min session with one of our engineers to discuss how Memgraph fits with your architecture.
Our engineers are highly experienced in helping companies of all sizes to integrate and get the most out of Memgraph in their projects. Talk to us about data modeling, optimizing queries, defining infrastructure requirements or migrating from your existing graph database. No nonsense or sales pitch, just tech.
Cut your Neo4j bill in half
Reduce your infra costs by at least 50%, while improving your reads and writes 8x, all without changing your Cypher queries.
Memgraph's ability to model an entire production site using a graph database was a huge innovation for us. It is a constant challenge to meet the needs of the business given the daily realities in production and supply chain. Memgraph's graph analytics helped us better understand these interdependencies and make the right decisions to provide reliable service to our customers.
Tobias Merz, Director Global Operational Technology LSI
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