Analyze complex data at scale and in real-time

Memgraph is a Neo4j-compatible, open source, graph database that is up to 120x faster and built for real-time streaming. Whether you're a developer or a data scientist with interconnected data, Memgraph will get you the immediate actionable insights fast.

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Install Memgraph with Docker

docker run -it -p 7687:7687 -p 7444:7444 -p 3000:3000 memgraph/memgraph-platform

Unlock context unattainable with traditional data models

Memgraph derives context-rich analysis from large and fast-changing datasets that tables and SQL simply cannot.

Combined together, Memgraph's in-memory storage and graph algorithms provide instantaneous insights, uncover patterns and similarities, reveal rich context and connect the dots from real-time datasets while keeping the results up to date.

Explore the use cases

For Developers

  • Memgraph is open-source and available on GitHub. Join our growing community by contributing to the project.

  • Do you need fast and memory-efficient graph algorithms? Memgraph is an in-memory C++ alternative for Neo4j.

  • Jumpstart your Python projects with our GQLAlchemy OGM library and write custom procedures using the Python API

For Data Scientists

  • Learn how to use graph algorithms with Memgraph Playground, an online sandbox for exploring graph analytics.

  • Access ready-to-use graph analytics with MAGE, from traditional graph algorithms to incremental algorithms for stream processing.

  • Query graph data with Python by using GQLAlchemy, an object graph mapper and Memgraph client that integrates into your existing Python infrastructure.

Tame Your Streams

Stream data to a graph database from anywhere

Ingest data from any stream to an in-memory graph database equipped with built-in streaming connectors.

Run lighting-fast dynamic graph algorithms

Run dynamic as well as traditional graph algorithms by using simple Cypher queries instead of piling SQL joins.

Deeply analyze and visualize streaming data

Find patterns and similarities within streaming data that relational data models have no ability to.

Memgraph Platform

The Memgraph Ecosystem
for Graph Streaming

Memgraph DB

In-memory database with built-in streaming connectors. Supports on-disk storage when needed. Memgraph directly connects to your streaming infrastructure and reduces the complexity of your data analysis pipelines.

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Memgraph Lab

Visualize graphs, execute ad hoc queries, and optimize performance on data stored in Memgraph. Memgraph Lab is a visual user interface that helps you explore and manipulate the data stored in Memgraph.

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An open-source library that contains graph algorithms in the form of query modules you can use right away with Memgraph.

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Query graph data with Python by using GQLAlchemy, an object graph mapper and Memgraph client that integrates into your existing Python infrastructure.

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The only graph data platform created for analyzing streams. All the tools you need in a single, open-source platform.

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Memgraph Cloud

The easiest way to run graph algorithms on streaming data. Hosted and fully-managed service. No admin.

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