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Frictionless, Innovative, Graph Applications

Memgraph lets you stream data from anywhere, build in-memory dynamic graphs, and deploy real-time applications with ease.

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Tame Your Streams

Do more than get control of your streaming data — make the most out of building on top of it.


Connect directly to Kafka to consume data that may be getting lost in the shuffle or shipped off to data warehouses — use it now and use it better, with Memgraph. 


Wrangle your data sources and unlock the potential of your streaming data in ways you’ve never thought possible. Go from “I’ve got no time” to real-time with Memgraph. 


Memgraph fits right in with your existing application architecture — spin up an instance, feed some data in from Kafka, write a script in Python, communicate with BOLT and query with Cypher. You’re instantly in the wonderful world of the graph.

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Access to cutting edge AI & ML without hiring a new team of data scientists or buying a huge data warehouse.

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Memgraph gives you access to cutting edge graph technology today without needing a PHD or a team of data scientists.

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MAGE is our library of compiled, super fast graph algorithms that you can use on your data, today. From PageRank to BFS, DFS, and beyond -- get started  now.

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Our platform allows you to contribute your own algorithms and transformations on your data -- once you’ve booted into the basics, there’s no limit to what you can do.

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Applications, not Analytics

We're challenging the status quo by putting a graph application toolkit in your hands, today. What will you build next?

Memgraph is a platform for graph applications, not just for graph analytics. We’re pushing the envelope with this provocation: “Build it on a graph!”

From Social networks to user event tracking, permissions modeling, recommendation systems, and so much more, you can build it on Memgraph. 

Graph algorithms are an overlooked technology that can give you a competitive edge: stream + graph = super power, and you don’t have to take our word for it. Try it for yourself.

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Integrate with Anything

Memgraph supports 20 programming languages

Connect to Memgraph with your favorite programming language and communicate with ease. 

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Try out Memgraph with Playground

Learn and explore graph algorithms with prepared data sets, example queries and integrated graph visualizations 

  • 11 data sets, over 60 queries
  • Step by Step Guides
  • Custom Queries
  • Graph Styles
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Memgraph Playground
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