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Try Memgraph Enterprise for 30 Days: Experience What Memgraph Can do for Your Workload

Try Memgraph Enterprise for 30 Days: Experience What Memgraph Can do for Your Workload

September 22, 2023
Katarina Supe

If you’re a developer building a production-ready graph application or working on a smaller project, you will probably use the Community Edition of Memgraph. On the other hand, Memgraph Enterprise comes with many advanced features tailored for larger organizations and more complex use cases. This article will highlight the additional features that Memgraph Enterprise offers and explain how they can benefit and bring value to your company.

Open-source and production-ready


Memgraph Enterprise holds all of the features that are a part of the Community Edition of Memgraph. The Community Edition of Memgraph is already a feature-rich open-source graph database ready for production, and here are some of its features:

  • ACID transactions - ensure data consistency and reliability by guaranteeing Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability of database operations.
  • On-disk persistency and backup with WAL and snapshots - safely store and recover data, even in system crashes or failures.
  • High availability - achieved through replication, ensures that services remain operational even if primary servers fail, minimizing downtime and ensuring data accessibility in the face of hardware or network issues.
  • Native authentication - provides secure access control, allowing users to authenticate and authorize access to the database with built-in authentication mechanisms. Memgraph offers multiple password encryption algorithms: BCrypt, SHA256, and SHA256 with multiple iterations.
  • Three different storage modes - in-memory transactional, in-memory analytical, and on-disk transactional.

storage modes

  • Data science library with no restrictions - Memgraph Advanced Graph Extensions (MAGE) expands Memgraph's functionality by providing advanced graph algorithms and analytics to help users gain insights from their data.
  • Community support - Memgraph’s Developer Experience team is always available on Discord to help you out!

Building enterprise-level graph applications with Memgraph

While the community version is free, the enterprise version includes additional features, especially related to security.

Besides the features, another important factor in deciding on a database suitable for your stack is the total cost of ownership. Starting at $25,000 per year for 16 GB, Memgraph has an all-inclusive, simple pricing model that scales with your workload without restrictions. If you’re unsure how much RAM you need for your data, try our storage memory calculator to see the estimate, or contact us for a more precise calculation. To learn how the calculator works, check out our guide.


But if you’re still wondering what is the actual value of Memgraph Enterprise, let’s highlight some of its current features.

Memgraph Enterprise features

Multi-tenant architecture

Multi-tenant support enables you to manage multiple isolated databases within a single instance. That is especially useful if you prefer having multiple clients in one database. Those isolated databases within Memgraph function as distinct single-database Memgraph instances. That means that queries executed on a specific database should operate as if it were the sole database in the system, preventing cross-database contamination.

Role-based access control

Most databases used in production have multiple users accessing and modifying data within the database, which might pose a serious security concern for system administrators wishing to grant only certain privileges to specific users. With role-based access controls, a set of users can have different privilege levels.

Label-based access control

To secure your database, restrict read and write access to specific nodes and relationships based on their label or type. By applying label-based access control, a database administrator can now store all the data in one database while keeping any private data secure from those who don't have adequate permission.

External auth modules

Memgraph supports authentication and (optional) authorization using a custom-built external auth module. The two supported operation modes are:

  • Authentication only (username/password verification)
  • Authentication and authorization (username/password verification and user-to-role mapping) With every Memgraph Enterprise installation, we provide our module that supports authentication and authorization using LDAP.

Audit log

Memgraph Enterprise supports all query audit logging. The audit log is a CSV file that contains records of all queries executed on the database. Here is the format of the audit log entry:


The log is rotated daily by default, and a full year of entries is preserved. Head over to our documentation to learn more about the audit log and how to configure it.

Exposing system metrics

In production systems, monitoring of applications is crucial, and that includes databases as well. Memgraph allows tracking information about transactions, query latencies, snapshot recovery latencies, triggers, bolt messages, indexes, streams, and many more using an HTTP server. That means you can integrate Memgraph with Prometheus, a time-series database that enables other databases and applications to monitor and react to performance changes in the system just in time.

We have your back

Besides the mentioned features, the Memgraph Enterprise license also includes support from our experienced software engineers, who will help you in the migration process and during every step of the road to a successful developer experience with Memgraph. Whether it’s an issue you are facing or a new feature you need, we have your back! The official support included in the Enterprise license is not the only channel where we’re active. Memgraph’s Developer Experience team manages the community on Discord, meaning all of your company's developers are welcome to join and ask for help when needed.

community support

See you on the graph side

Hopefully, this article helped you understand the Memgraph Enterprise license's value and its additional features importance. It is an ideal choice for larger companies, even though the community version of Memgraph is full of cool and production-ready features.

If you’re considering a Memgraph Enterprise license, try it out! For more information, visit our pricing page or contact us directly.

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