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Enterprise license shouldn't cost an arm and a leg

Starting at $25,000 per year for 16 GB, Memgraph has an all inclusive, simple pricing model that scales with your workload without restrictions.

Scale with memory and multiple replicas

Memgraph pricing scales only with memory capacity and we only charge for unique data so you can use as many replicas as you need.

Use as many cores as you need

Pricing per CPU core is old-fashioned and we don't believe in it. You should be able to supercharge your performance and use as many cores as you need.

All inclusive features at every price point

There are no restrictions. Zero. Build internal facing and customer facing apps freely. All Enterprise features are included at every price point.
Storage memory calculator
Find out how much storage you need depending on the size of your graph.
Storage memory estimate
RAM required for storage:
56.00 MB
This is just a rough estimate of memory requirements based on a small amount of information. For a more precise calculation, follow the guide on docs or get in touch.
Get in touch!
You need a precise calculation based on your use case? Want to see a demo? Our team is here to help with everything you need.
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