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Memgraph Is Enterprise-Ready

Memgraph Is Enterprise-Ready

By Memgraph
5 min readJune 12, 2024

We are excited to announce that Memgraph is now enterprise-ready! We bring advanced features to meet the needs of large organizations and production environments. With enhancements in multi-tenancy, high availability, security, and monitoring, Memgraph ensures that your database operations are efficient, secure, and reliable.

Memgraph is Enterprise-Ready: Key Features

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As a critical part of enterprise architecture, technology must be accessible to multiple teams, each with unique use cases. Memgraph's multi-tenancy feature allows organizations to efficiently and safely share a single graph database server with numerous isolated graph data sets. This ensures cost savings and secure data management by granting or denying access to different users based on their roles.

Why it matters: Multi-tenancy allows you to optimize resource utilization and reduce costs while maintaining secure and isolated environments for different teams or projects.

For example, large e-commerce companies use Memgraph's multi-tenancy to support different departments (e.g., sales, marketing, and customer support), each working with isolated graph data sets. This ensures data integrity and security while reducing infrastructure costs.

High Availability Automatic Failover

Downtime is costly in large, complex systems. Memgraph’s high availability automatic failover feature provides peace of mind, ensuring that unexpected database failures don't disrupt your operations team. Memgraph's robust coordinator service automatically addresses hardware failures by deploying replicas within your cluster, maintaining seamless operation and reliability.

Why it matters: High availability and automatic failover minimize downtime and prevent disruptions, ensuring your applications remain accessible and reliable even in the event of hardware failures.

Financial institutions and fintech companies rely on Memgraph's high availability feature to ensure continuous operation of its fraud detection system, even during of hardware failures. This prevents financial losses and maintains customer trust. For credit card fraud detection, Memgraph ensures stability during peak transaction times, processing millions of transactions per second and maintaining performance even under high loads.

Security Feature Set


Memgraph ensures data protection during transit through industry-standard encryption libraries. While Memgraph does not include native at-rest encryption, users can configure this feature using tools like the Linux Unified Key Setup (LUKS), providing flexibility to meet various security requirements. The Bolt protocol supports TLS encryption, while HTTPS is used for other connections.

Authentication & Authorization

In an enterprise environment, it’s crucial to restrict access to authorized personnel only. Memgraph supports a highly secure username/password system and can be configured with centralized external systems such as PAM, LDAP, or single sign-on with Entra ID or Okta. Additionally, role-based access control is available for over 20 actions, including administrative functions, data ingestion, querying, and statistics inspection.

Why it matters: Robust security measures protect sensitive data, ensuring compliance with enterprise security standards and reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Memgraph's graph database powers modern Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems, enabling developers to track complex permissions and check access rules at scale, ensuring only authorized access to sensitive information​. Take the healthcare industry, for example. Memgraph's security features safeguard patient data, ensuring that only authorized medical staff can access sensitive information, thus complying with HIPAA regulations.

Read more about the Memgraph security features.

Operations Feature Set

Backup and Restore

Ensuring data is never lost is the value of a first-class database product. Memgraph supports fast, periodic, portable snapshots, which is essential for disaster recovery and business continuity.


Memgraph provides real time insights into system health and performance through a rich stream of data in the standard Prometheus format. This includes metrics on disk usage, sessions, snapshots, streams, transactions, operators, and queries, as well as statistics about the graphs, such as the number of vertices, edges, and average degree. Additionally, Memgraph offers WebSocket and HTTP APIs to access metrics and logs in real time, ensuring seamless integration with monitoring tools like Prometheus.

Why it matters: Comprehensive backup, restore, and monitoring capabilities ensure data integrity and provide real-time visibility into database performance, enabling proactive management and quick issue resolution.

For energy management systems, Memgraph helps engineers manage power grids and gas pipelines by providing real-time insights into network health, detecting issues, and optimizing network performance.​

Why Should You Care?

Memgraph's enterprise readiness means it can support the demanding needs of large organizations. The benefits include:

  • Cost efficiency - Multi-tenancy allows for the efficient sharing of resources, reducing overall costs.

  • Reliability - High availability and automatic failover ensure your database is always up and running, preventing costly downtimes.

  • Security - Robust security features protect your data, ensuring only authorized access and safeguarding against breaches.

  • Operational efficiency - Comprehensive backup, restore, and monitoring capabilities ensure your database operates smoothly and efficiently, providing peace of mind and allowing your team to focus on innovation rather than maintenance.


Memgraph's enterprise-ready features are designed to support the complex and demanding environments of large organizations. Especially if your use case is large graphs with high throughput. With security, high availability, and comprehensive monitoring, Memgraph ensures your data is safe and keeps your operations running smoothly and efficiently.

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