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Memgraph offers a complete tool for engineers working with power grids, gas pipelines, and network topologies, in general, to increase their productivity and provide instantaneous insights within their domain.

Don't waste a single second

Explore deep connections between your network components with minimum latency and increased efficiency

Expect the unexpected

Detect network issues, analyze capacity, and prevent unexpected events using graph analytics

Get a complete picture of your network

Have a visual representation of the network to identify bottlenecks, observe weak spots and make better on-the-spot decisions
Graph Technology in EMS
Graph databases are a smart choice for dealing with energy management systems because they perform well even on large scale, offer visualizations and in-depth analytics. What’s best of all, they can detect, prevent and solve even the most tricky questions and problems in the energy network.
Why use Memgraph?
Performance for real-time needs
Memgraph excels in real-time, concurrent, write-heavy data with its C++ in-memory architecture. Check out the benchmark results and validate them for yourself!
High Availability
Access high availability via Memgraph's open source commitment in the Community Edition. You don’t need an Enterprise license for seamless graph database.
Full flexibility
Memgraph is Cypher-ready, offers various database connectors, and enables custom procedures in languages like Python and C/C++. Launch instances on-prem or on AWS Cloud with a 14-day trial.
Blog post

How Can Companies Meet Energy Management Demands in the New Era - A Graph Approach

For every problem in the energy management system, there is a graph algorithm that can point you in the right direction! Here is an overview of the most useful graph algorithms for highlighting weak links, high-risk nodes and many more.
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