Run your Cypher queries
up to 120 times faster

Memgraph is an open-source graph database compatible with Bolt protocol and Cypher query language. In-memory processing for unprecedented performance, still as durable as disk-based databases.

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Native performance out-of-the-box

Memgraph is written in native C++ and delivers up to 120 times faster Cypher query performance out-of-the-box. There is no need to spend costly developer time on database configurations, warmups, and custom queries. It provides stable memory usage without JVM hiccups.

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High availability in the
Community Edition

Everything you need to deploy production-grade apps is available in the open-source Community Edition, including replication for high availability. Predictable pricing that scales with your business when you step up to the Enterprise Edition.

Drop-in replacement for Neo4j

Memgraph also uses Bolt protocol and Cypher query language so it's easy to try, compare and seamless to switch.

Applications, not Analytics


Graph Database Performance Benchmark Report

This benchmark compares Neo4j and Memgraph across a number of important categories when running graph analytics in real time: latency, throughput and memory usage.

Graph Database Performance Benchmark Report
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Why use Memgraph?

Performance for real-time needs

Handling real-time, highly concurrent, write-heavy data transactions is what Memgraph is all about.

C++ in-memory architecture gives Memgraph a massive head start for any real-time graph analysis needed. Don't just take our word for it, check out the benchmark results and validate them for yourself!

Available High Availability

High Availability is a major concern for developers. Through Memgraph's open source commitment, high availability is available to all developers through the Community Edition.

No need to fork out cash and the Enterprise licence to get an uninterrupted and continuous graph database system.

Full flexibility

Memgraph is a natural drop-in replacement as it is Cypher-ready.

There are multiple drivers to connect to the DB and allowing you to write custom procedures in various languages (Python, C/C++).

Fire up your instance on-prem or on AWS Cloud with a two-week free trial.

Migration Guide

How to migrate from Neo4j to Memgraph

This tutorial will teach you how to migrate from Neo4j to Memgraph by using an APOC procedure and Memgraph's LOAD CSV.

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How to migrate from Neo4j to Memgraph
Applications, not Analytics

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