Contribute to the World of Graphs 

1st place: $2,000
2nd place: $1,000
3rd place: $500

Create an app, Python script, driver, implementation of a graph algorithm, or some other idea you think of. You just need to use Memgraph!

We also prepared special Memgraph Swag Boxes for a limited number of participants.

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If you are interested in the Memgraph App Challenge, then register here, and we will inform you once the next Challenge is announced.

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About the Memgraph App Challenge

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Register as a team or an individual

Use the signup form to register your team or just yourself. If you register as an individual and find teammates later on, that's also not a problem.

Contribute to the world of graphs

You could choose to analyze a dataset or create a tool or integration for the Memgraph ecosystem. The point is to contribute with graph-related ideas and share them with the open-source community. 

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Implement the solution and upload it to GitHub

It doesn't matter if you created a simple web application, Python script, Jupyter Notebook, Memgraph driver, or integration with other technologies, just upload your source code to GitHub, make the README informative and be proud of your contribution to the world of graphs.

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Submit your solution before January 31st 2022

Once your implementation is ready, just create a short video to explain your solution (you could use Loom) and submit everything through this form.

Challenge Rules & Resources

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Programming Language

A programming language isn’t defined, but we do recommend Python. Use the tools & tech you find necessary, but don’t forget that Memgraph should be at the forefront.

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Team Size

Lone wolf or strong pack? It doesn’t matter. You can enter the challenge either as an individual or as a team.

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Source Code

The code needs to be publicly accessible on GitHub under the MIT Licence. We’re committed to the open source community and believe that sharing is caring.

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Solution Video

A short video (under 5 minutes) that describes the idea and solution needs to be submitted with the source code. This is the perfect opportunity to describe your idea!

Resources icon

Definitely check out the Memgraph Documentation for any technical questions. We also have a ton of examples on our blog which might inspire you.

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Join the Memgraph Discord Server to receive tips and useful resources for the Challenge. The official channel is #app-challenge.

Up and running in minutes
Need inspiration?

What can you create for the challenge?

Web applications

You could create a web application that uses Memgraph to analyze an interesting data set or to run cool algorithms like PageRank. 

Memgraph drivers and tools

Do you want something a bit more challenging? Check out our bolt-proxy service or the GQLAlchemy object-graph mapper to get inspired.


We created an integration with the NetworkX library, but there are so many out there, who could cover them all? Maybe you could help! 

Python script or Jupyter Notebook for data analysis

It's as easy as it sounds! Just connect to Memgraph from a script/Notebook, load a data set, and perform some cool Cypher queries. You should definitely check out Memgraph Playground or the getting_started Notebook to get inspired!

Graph algorithm or utility procedure in MAGE

Implement a graph algorithm or a utility procedure for the MAGE graph library. You can implement it in Python, C, C++, and Rust, whatever works best for you.

Something new and fresh we didn't even mention!

You have an idea but are not sure if it's good? You can always ask us for input and help on our Discord Server in the channel #app-challenge.