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Predict customer behavior and make accurate product recommendations

By analyzing customers' habits and needs, data analysts can provide spot-on recommendations that will enhance customer satisfaction and boost sales.

Maximize the value of customer-product interactions

Analyze interactions between customers and products to gain valuable insights into users' habits, power up your recommendation systems and boost sales.

Develop the recommendation tools progressively

Build your product recommendations incrementally, from simple proofs to complete and robust recommendation tools based on graphs

Unlocking complex insights with simple queries

All insights, even complex ones like graph neural networks, are available by running built-in graph algorithms within simple queries. No complex JOINS, no coding.
Graph Technology in Recommendation Engines
Having a truly accurate and adaptable recommendation engine can either make or break a business, and keeping up with the rapid growth and complexity of data is not an easy task. Luckily, graph databases and algorithms specifically designed to analyze customer behavior provide powerful and real-time recommendations.
Why use Memgraph?
Performance for real-time needs
Memgraph excels in real-time, concurrent, write-heavy data with its C++ in-memory architecture. Check out the benchmark results and validate them for yourself!
High Availability
Access high availability via Memgraph's open source commitment in the Community Edition. You don't need an Enterprise license for seamless graph database
Full flexibility
Memgraph is Cypher-ready, offers various database connectors, and enables custom procedures in languages like Python and C/C++. Launch instances on-prem or on AWS Cloud with a 14-day trial.
Blog post

Why Are SQL Databases Outdated for the Real-Time Recommendation Engines

If a recommendation engine built on relational databases is falling a part due to the bottlenecks made by complex JOINs and never-ending schema changes, there is only one permanent and game changing solution - graph databases.
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