A Real‑Time Graph Database Optimized For Performance & Complex Queries

Memgraph gives you predictable high-performance with always-on availability and full Cypher compatibility.

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How it Works

Memgraph is a modern graph database system engineered from the ground-up to deliver
real-time performance for both transactional and analytical graph workloads at scale.

Memgraph leverages industry-standard hardware in the cloud to deliver high throughput and low latency
across a wide range of workloads. The Memgraph database maintains broad compatibility with common technologies in the modern data processing ecosystem so you can easily integrate it into your existing environments.

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Optimized For Low Latency

We ensure Memgraph is lighting fast so your customers don't have to wait.

Optimized Storage Engine

Leverage memory to deliver high performance on both transactional and analytics queries.

Optimized for Concurrency

Ensure performance in highly concurrent environments and easily support more users and queries with optimized multi-version concurrency control (MVCC).

C/C++ Implementation

Build high performant application and write advanced custom procedures leveraging Memgraph's native C Query Module API.

Engineered for Resiliency

We cover all the bases so you can focus on your application.

On-Disk Durability

Ensure that your data is always safe by automatically storing periodic snapshot and write-ahead logging (WAL) on disk.


Make sure your data is always available through industry standard high-availability and replication.

ACID Transaction

Ensure that your data is correct with ACID transaction support while maintaining performance with snapshot isolation level.

Development Simplicity

We keep things the way they should be, very simple.

Full Cypher Support

Leverage the power and simplicity of the Cypher query language and Memgraph's extentions for algorithms such as Breadth-First Search and Weighted Shortest Path.

Bolt Compatible

Benefits from all current and future compatibilities with existing graph applications, tools and client libraries developed for every major programming language.

Python Integration

Embrace the Python ecosystem and integrate with tools likes NetworkX, TensorFlow, and Pandas, by leveraging the Memgraph Python Graph API.

Comprehensive Security for Your Sensitive Data

Easily manage how users and roles access data to support workloads in complex organizations and regulated environments.

Role-Based Access Control

Efficiently manage security configurations by user role and group while maintaining maximum performance.


Manage your accounts with native authentication as well as full support for LDAP, Active Directory & Kerberos.

Active Auditing

Automatically log user activity to a secure location leveraging SYSLOG to meet the highest level of compliance.

Easily Deploy Anywhere

Memgraph can be deployed anywhere in the cloud or on-premises on commodity hardware.

Deploy in the Cloud

Get the full power of Memgraph in the cloud with easy deployment, maintenance, and scalability.

Deploy with Kubernetes

Leverage container-managed infrastructure to deploy Memgraph with maximum flexibility.

Deploy On-Premises

Memgraph runs on bare metal levering commodity hardware such as modern x86_64 processors.

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