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Eliminate chargeback fees and unrecovarable fraud in real-time

Enhance your fraud system by mining relationships between entities. Stop looking at activities, behaviors, individuals and entities in isolation, and provide context to your data to increase fraud detection accuracy by up to 90% and decrease false positives by up to 50%.

Increase accuracy with hybrid models

Graph databases enable the use of hybrid models, combing through more data in less time, to significantly enhance the system's accuracy in detecting fraudulent activities. This efficient approach can uncover up to 90% more fraud, providing a robust defense in the ongoing battle against card fraud.

Effortlessly handle peak-load times

Stop worrying about your system failing at peak times due to the high volume of transactions. With Memgraph's powerful capabilities, you can effortlessly process millions of transactions per second, ensuring stability and performance even during the most demanding periods.

Decrease false positives

Discovering hidden patterns in your data with graph databases gives you a broad context of the users' activities, enhancing your ability to distinguish between genuine and fraudulent transactions. This nuanced understanding not only streamlines the processing of legitimate transactions but also significantly decreases the occurrence of false positives.
Graph Technology in Fraud Detection
When financial losses in the form of fraud are a constant threat to your business, you may choose to tread lightly. Graph databases are exactly the right tool to deal with complex interactions and will allow you to be one step ahead of the fraudsters.
Why use Memgraph?
Performance for real-time needs
Memgraph excels in real-time, concurrent, write-heavy data with its C++ in-memory architecture. Check out the benchmark results and validate them for yourself!
High Availability
Access high availability via Memgraph's open source commitment in the Community Edition. You don’t need an Enterprise license for seamless graph database.
Full flexibility
Memgraph is Cypher-ready, offers various database connectors, and enables custom procedures in languages like Python and C/C++. Launch instances on-prem or on AWS Cloud with a 14-day trial.
Blog post

How to Develop a Credit Card Fraud Detection Application using Memgraph, Flask, and D3.js

This tutorial will teach you how to build a simple Python web application from scratch. You will get a basic understanding of the technologies used and see how easy it is to integrate a graph database into your development process.
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