Track Data Lineage With a Graph Database

Track Data Lineage With a Graph Database

Igor Boroja

The summer break is over and we’re back in action - it’s time for our 6th Graph Data Zagreb Meetup! On Wednesday, September 7, at 6PM CEST in WESPA Spaces in Zagreb, Croatia, the next in-person meetup will be held with dozens and dozens of graph enthusiasts, data scientists and software engineers.

The meetup will be divided into two parts.

Track Data Lineage With a Graph Database by MANTA

MANTA Flow is a unique data lineage product, which is able to automate scanning and analyzing interconnected systems such as databases, ETLs, and reporting systems, and shows how the data flows amongst them. The backend used in MANTA Flow is a graph database, as it allows flexible relationships and fast graph traversals across the data. The talk introduces data lineage use cases and shows how data is represented in a graph database and how we use graph database features for fast and efficient data processing.

Memgraph Internship Projects

Memgraph held another internship this summer and amazing students joined us for 3 months. Students were divided into two teams - MAGE and MagicGraph. We are bringing our interns to Graph Data Zagreb, so they can show you what they worked on. Each of them will give a 5-minute presentation about their project and share the benefits of using a graph database.

MAGE project

  • Mateo Dujic - Node Classification in Fraud Detection
  • Andi Skrgat - Link Prediction in Telecom Recommender System

MagicGraph project

Don’t forget to click ATTEND to confirm your attendance at our next meetup. After the talk, there will be drinks, burgers and networking opportunities. See you there!

Still not a member of the Graph Data Zagreb group? Join us and keep track of the upcoming events! We are also hanging out on Discord, so feel free to join us there too.

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