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Learn the Cypher Query Language in 10 Days

Learn the Cypher Query Language in 10 Days

June 7, 2021
Nenad Malic

Learn the Cypher query language in 10 days

We at Memgraph created a free 10-day email course to learn the basics of using Cypher - the query language used by Memgraph.

Cypher is an open-source declarative language developed specifically for interaction with graph databases, which is currently going through a vendor-independent standardization process. It provides an intuitive way to work with property graphs and is a starting point if you're looking to venture into the world of graphs.

Through this email course, you will explore the Europe road network dataset featured on Memgraph Playground. As for the lessons, in the next 10 days, your email inbox will receive the following material:

  1. Basics of Cypher
  2. Filtering Results
  3. Structuring Data
  4. Dealing with Cases and Duplicates
  5. Lists and Aggregating Functions
  6. Advanced Queries 1
  7. Advanced Queries 2
  8. Advanced Queries 3
  9. Modifying and Entering Data
  10. Constraints and Indexing

This email course is one of the first projects of this type that we've done at Memgraph, and feedback is greatly appreciated, so feel free to ping us at our Discord server.

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