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Join the Memgraph App Challenge and Create Something Awesome

Join the Memgraph App Challenge and Create Something Awesome

By Memgraph
3 min readOctober 28, 2021

Did you notice something new about the Memgraph App Challenge?

We decided to extend the scope of the Challenge to everyone’s delight!

Now, the only requirement is to contribute to the world of graphs. But what does that mean? It means that you can create anything that brings value to the graph developer community and the Memgraph ecosystem. You can start working on a web application, a Python script or Jupyter Notebook, different tools and integrations, you name it! We want to encourage everyone to contribute and share their work with the open-source community.

Still not sure if your idea is good enough? The rule of thumb is to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your idea involve analyzing graphs? If yes, you are probably good to go! The dataset is entirely up to you.
  • Does your idea extend the Memgraph Ecosystem? Maybe it’s a driver, an import tool, or some kind of utility extension. Either way, if you think we are missing something, it’s probably a good idea to tackle it.
  • Would your solution be exciting or useful to other graph developers? I think you already know where I’m going with this.

As long as you use Memgraph, you are good to go. But when in doubt, just visit our Discord server and join us in the channel #app-challenge. There we will answer any and all questions related to the Challenge.

Get Inspired to Contribute!

Here is a short list of ideas you could be working on for the Challenge:

💻 Web applications

You could create a web application that uses Memgraph to analyze an interesting data set or to run cool algorithms like PageRank. You can find many examples on our blog.

⚙️ Graph algorithms or utility procedures in MAGE

Implement a graph algorithm or a utility procedure for the MAGE graph library. You can implement it in Python, C, C++, and Rust, whatever works best for you.

📜 Python script or Jupyter Notebook for data analysis

It's as easy as it sounds! Just connect to Memgraph from a script/Notebook, load a data set, and perform some cool Cypher queries. You should definitely check out Memgraph Playground to get inspired!

🧰 Memgraph drivers and tools

Do you want something a bit more challenging? Check out our bolt-proxy service or the GQLAlchemy object-graph mapper to get inspired.

🔗 Integrations with graph libraries or other technologies

We created an integration with the NetworkX library, but there are so many out there, who could cover them all? Maybe you can help!

💡 Something new and fresh we didn't even mention!

You have an idea but are not sure if it's good? You can always ask us for input and help on our Discord Server in the channel #app-challenge.

Final note

Whatever you choose, just don’t forget to register through the official website. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Until then, check out our Discord server, where we will be posting updates about the Challenge.

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