Graph Data Zagreb 5 - Accelerating Drug Discovery With a Biomedical Knowledge Graph

Zeljko Riha
Graph Data Zagreb 5 - Accelerating Drug Discovery With a Biomedical Knowledge Graph

We are excited to announce that our fifth edition of the Graph Data Zagreb meetup will be a special one. We have a special guest, Michaël Ughetto, a graph data scientist from AstraZeneca is coming to Graph Data Zagreb to discuss how AstraZeneca ingest data sources in the Biological Insights Knowledge Graph (BIKG) and distribute it to data scientists and domain experts.

Michaël will also share with us examples of how this knowledge graph assists scientists in therapeutics development.

Graph Data Zagreb 5 will be held on Wednesday, July 6, 2022, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM CEST. The meetup location is, WESPA Spaces, Heinzelova ul. 60, Zagreb.

Graph Data Zagreb has already gathered almost 200 graph and data enthusiasts who regularly visit our meetups. We are really happy about it, and if you want to read more about these events, head over to our last Graph Data Zagreb meetup summary.

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After the talk, there will be drinks, burgers and networking opportunities.

About the speaker:

Michaël Ughetto is a graph data scientist at AstraZeneca working in the Biological Insight Knowledge Graph team. With a background in particle physics and machine learning, he is interested in graph and geometric learning. He’s now focusing on applying graph technologies to drug discovery challenges.

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