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Don’t just ask for a quote - here’s why we should talk first

Don’t just ask for a quote - here’s why we should talk first

By Dominik Tomicevic
3 min readDecember 5, 2023

Picking and choosing your graph database is hard work. Besides diving into the features, and confirming the performance and capabilities Memgraph offers, pricing is one of the core considerations our customers care about. Especially in this climate when the economic circumstances demand lower TCO, making various companies consider descending from clouds and going back into their garages, bringing the solutions in-house and on-prem. We want them to do more with less.

Quite often I get asked for a quote. As it’s a fast-moving world, the customers are reluctant to jump on a call and discuss, claiming that a simple number will do. Sometimes it will, but more often it won’t as it doesn’t tell the whole story. There is more to pricing than just a single quote.

The conversation is not there to work around the question, it's to give you more value because I can tell you something along these lines.

Let’s say your dataset is around 16 GB. You’d get a quote for $25,000 per year. But there are numerous other considerations to take into account. The price can change due to the level of support you require from Memgraph, contract duration, payment terms and various other factors. Even the option to work together on a case study, provided you're happy with the deployment, can influence the quote.

When on a call, I would try to understand your pain points to make sure Memgraph is the right solution for you. I would ask about your plans to deploy a highly available replicated solution and tell you that it is included in the license price, which I hope would be refreshing to hear considering that other vendors charge additionally for that particular feature.

I'd also explain how Memgraph gets much more affordable as you scale. If you start with $25,000 per year for 16GB, the price gets better as your dataset grows. I would also ask you if you have multiple deployments for your customers because you can mix and match capacities to fit your needs more accurately and it counts towards the aggregate capacity. We’d talk about developer and staging licenses that are also included in the price, unlike the solutions other competitors offer.

Many more factors determine the quoted price, and that is why I would love to learn more about your use case and its needs to properly support you. If Memgraph is indeed the best option for your graph needs, the price shouldn't be your concern with Memgraph.

We always strive to find a fair price to make sure our customers are happy. We're not looking to maximize revenue, but rather to build long-term relationships.

That's why I believe we would both from a 30-minute discussion about your projects and how Memgraph can push it forward.

And by the way, I'm also an engineer and can go deep in the weeds of the tech aspects and considerations if that is what you require. And I'd also honestly tell you if Memgraph is not a fit, to save you time.

All in all - a quote is easy. But we like to do things right. Seeing how we can tailor the offer to your needs and adapt the pricing accordingly sounds better. Let me know if you want to have a chat!

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